Here’s a quick Zoom tip for when you want to randomly split a big group into pairs:​

Send them into breakout rooms!

​Let Zoom do the math for you.​

​If you’ve got a lot of people, making breakout rooms is faster than telling people, “Mary and Sam, you two are a pair, Ernie and Jolene, you two are a pair,” and so on, down the list.​

​Hat tip to fellow facilitator Lacy Alana for this great hack.​

​It’s a great example of thinking with a virtual mindset.​

​Stop thinking, “How can I translate what I used to do into Zoom?”​

​Instead, look at Zoom as a laboratory!​

​Or better yet, a playground.​

​Try things! Push the limits of what’s possible! Break things!​

​Yes, we all miss being able to gather in-person, but while we’re constrained to virtual meetings, let’s use those constraints as a springboard to creativity.


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