Hi, I’m Melissa Dinwiddie! I thought I’d introduce myself and why you might want to work with me.

I was born & raised in Silicon Valley, so I’m steeped in a culture of innovation and disruption.

I trained at Juilliard, and I’m still dedicated to discipline, excellence, and attention to detail.

I taught nursery school in my early 20s, which is relevant, because nursery school is basically boot camp for managing human conflict!

I earned a BA in Social Science from UC Berkeley, and a Masters in Cultural Studies from the University of Birmingham, England. What that really means is, I’m a varsity-level dot-connector.

For 15 years I was a professional artist and calligrapher. Without even going into what it takes to make a living as an artist in Silicon Valley, the relevance here for you is that I bring a creative outsider’s perspective to your corporate setting.

I’m an international speaker, teacher, and performer. From NYC to Nashville, Houston to Chicago, LA to Istanbul to Paris, I’ve spoken, taught, and performed for groups from 6 to 6,500.

I’ve been a jazz singer since 2005, and an improv performer since 2013. The skills that allow a group to improvise a piece of music or theater in front of a paying audience are the same skills that make up a high-performing team, and I can teach them to YOUR team: collaboration, communication, having each other’s backs, and leaning into uncertainty in high stakes contexts.

I’m the author of The Creative Sandbox Way,™ a book I wrote to help people tap into their innate creativity. I can help YOUR team strengthen their creative muscles—and of course creativity is essential for innovation!

I have multiple certifications in LEGO® Serious Play®, including:

-Teams and Groups
-Creative Conflict Management
-Advanced Strategy
-Advanced Strategic Storytelling

I use LEGO® Serious Play® to help make your company’s ideas visible in 3D, and help your team “think with their hands.”

Find out more at http://creativesandbox.solutions!

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