What’s it like to see your entire webinar or lecture come to life, VISUALLY, before your eyes? That’s what @Dr. Susan Bernstein got to experience when she first saw this time lapse video of me live-capturing her webinar, “Skyrocket Your Credibility & Influence at Work,” with graphic recording.

For some people, the pictures are everything. It literally helps them see what’s going on.

For others, live graphics distill the experience & help them remember. (even if they’re taking notes themselves!)

Having a graphic recorder helps people focus, because it converts complicated ideas into clear, simple graphics.

It makes concrete what might have otherwise been left fuzzy & theoretical.

You literally hear differently.

It’s a lot like having a sign language interpreter: for some people, it’s necessary; and it enhances the experience for *everyone* present.

AND live graphic recording creates an engaging visual record to share with all stakeholders, whether they were present at the event or not.

What’s not to love?

If you’d like your meeting or event visually captured like this (albeit more slowly than you’ve seen here), contact me at http://creativesandbox.solutions/contact.

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