When I started my very first business back in 1996 (as a freelance calligrapher/artist), I remember agonizing over what to call myself.

One of my specialties was making ketubot, or Jewish marriage contracts (the singular of the Hebrew word is ketubah), and I needed to come up with a business name to place a listing in the Jewish Bulletin Resource, an annual magazine of everything Jewish in the Bay Area.

My challenge?

My name isn’t one that people recognize as particularly “Jewish,” so I was afraid my potential clients would make assumptions about me, and look elsewhere for a vendor.

My solution?

I created a business name that didn’t include my last name: Illuminations by Melissa

Did it make a difference? I’ll never know.

Eventually I changed that name to Ketubahworks (for my ketubah art), and Melissa Dinwiddie Designworks (for everything else).

Years later I shut down that business and pivoted to other endeavors entirely: first as a creativity instigator, then to start my consultancy, Creative Sandbox Solutions™.

What I do know is that the names and titles we give ourselves can have a big impact on how people see us. 

Names are important.

For the past couple of years, since the shut-down initiated my pivot to helping companies with virtual trainings and events, I’ve been referring to myself as a “virtual experience designer,” but this label has been feeling more and more like an ill-fitting suit.

Or perhaps a better metaphor would be a single piece of clothing, masquerading as an entire suit! 😂

See, while it’s true that I do virtual experience design, that title doesn’t begin to encompass the entirety of what I bring to the table, even in the virtual space. So as a label, it feels constricting.

Because whether it’s designing a virtual off-site to change behavior…

Or strategizing how to create a scalable, live solution to onboard new customers…

Or advising on how to optimize, as well as emceeing a manager summit…

Or training teams how to lead more engaging virtual meetings…

What I really help companies with is creating highly effective learning experiences that fulfill their larger strategic goals. 

All using (science-based) creativity and play.

So while virtual experience design is a big part of what I do, what I really am is a Creative Learning Strategist.

Who Cares?

Why am I telling you all this?

I’ve been focused pretty intensely on virtual meetings for the past couple of years, and I wanted to let you know that you may notice a change going forward.

If you’re only interested in virtual meetings, you may wish to unsubscribe, because I’m going to be expanding my view to talk about learning and creativity — what I see that’s broken, and how things could be different… virtually, and beyond.

As a result of this expansion, the title of my LinkedIn newsletter is going to have to change.

Unsuck Your Virtual Meetings is a great title… for a Virtual Experience Designer who focuses pretty exclusively on virtual meetings.

Not so much for a Creative Learning Strategist, who does more than just virtual experience design, and talks about a wider range of topics.

So I’m in the market for a new name (yet again), and I’d love to get your opinion!

I’ll be putting up a poll on LinkedIn tomorrow, so watch for it, and make sure to vote.

And in the meantime, hit reply if you have a name suggestion!

Here’s to more creative — and fun — learning experiences.


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