Lots of facilitators use LEGO® bricks in their workshops, but that doesn’t make what they’re doing LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

So what *IS* LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (or LSP for short)?

LSP was developed 20 years ago by Johan Roos and Bart Victor for The LEGO Group®.

Smart organizations all over the world—from Procter & Gamble to the United Way to the United Nations—use LSP to make ideas visible and “think with their hands.”

Procter & Gamble now uses LSP for ALL their new product development, and municipalities have used it to help address issues like poverty and xenophobia.

ANY sticky issue or problem can be tackled with LEGO Serious Play: from conflict management to strategic planning.

These are the steps in the LSP process:

1) A facilitator (that would be me :)) poses a challenge or question.

2) Participants (that would be you and your team :)) build their answers using LEGO bricks.

3) As they build, insights are firing in their brains. They’re “thinking with their hands!”

4) Each participant shares the story of their LEGO model. (More insights are firing!)

5) Participants reflect.

LEGO models can be metaphors for ANY thought or idea.

You can literally hold an idea in your hand!

I can point to the LEGO model, instead of pointing at YOU, which makes it easier to talk about sticky issues.

You can physically move ideas around.

You can build out your company’s current state and your ideal vision, and the steps you need to take to get from one to the other.

You can even stress-test “best” & “worst” case scenarios by building them in LEGO and seeing what breaks.

(As a facilitator, these are my favorite kinds of workshops, because strategic planning can be so abstract, but when you see it built out in 3D it really lights a fire under a team to take action.)

The 5-step LSP process may sound simple, but the transformation that results from this process is profound. It’s why LEGO Serious Play is one of my main tools: it just plain gets results like nothing else!

And naturally, I combine LSP with my large-scale visual notes, so when you work with me you get the best of both worlds: ideas made visible in both 3D *AND* 2D. ?

Transformation on turbo!


If you’d like to make your company’s ideas visible in 3D & 2D, so you can make sense of complex situations and act decisively, contact me at http://creativesandbox.solutions/contact.

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