Practicing icons. Or as @loosetoothcom calls them in her fabulous book, The Idea Shapers, “postage stamps.” A small image that communicates a big idea. This can be super challenging with abstract concepts! Quick: how would you draw “commitment”? Or “engagement”? Or “unity”?
These are the types of things I’m working on coming up with my own visual vocabulary for, so I actually have an icon in my metaphorical pocket, at the ready, should the need arise. When I’m at a loss for how to start, Google image search is a great jumping off point! From there I can develop my own icon/postage stamp. And the real key, as @evalottchen says, is to draw it over and over and over—at least 50 times before you really “own” it. (Plus you have to *keep* drawing it, or trust me, you’ll forget how! 😂)
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