Sketchnote / graphic recording / visual note of a short webinar by Michael Bungay Stanier, entitled "Rapid-Fire Strategic Thinking, Planning, Doing," with a link to a worksheet to download from

More sketchnotes from the video series from Michael Bungay Stanier’s webinars over at There’s a great worksheet with this video—so simple, but I’m such a visual person, the visual layout of four columns somehow makes the concept easier for me to wrap my head around. (You can see a little thumbnail sketch of the worksheet in the lower right hand side of my sketchnote.)

These videos are such a great way to warm up my sketchnoting in the morning! These are the same skills I bring to my graphic facilitation / graphic recording jobs, but on a smaller scale. Studies show that people retain only 10% of information that’s presented as text only, but when the same information is presented visually — as when captured live by a graphic facilitator — people retain 70%. That’s seven times the retention! 

Graphic facilitation / graphic recording makes for any meeting more memorable and engaging, too. Contact me to discuss how to bring more life to your next project.

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