Visual Communication & Visual Thinking

A sketch on a piece of paper is the fastest, cheapest prototype in the world. It’s also the fastest, most effective way to communicate complex ideas, document your process, think through problems, and spark engagement along the way.

“But I can’t draw!” you say? This program will not only prove that you CAN draw, but will show you that drawing is the communication/facilitation superpower you didn’t know you have!

(And here’s a bonus: if you DON’T identify as an artist, you actually have an advantage in some ways over trained artists!)

Bring plenty of paper and a pen or pencil, and get ready to communicate ideas with simple visuals.

Visual Thinking & Visual Communication Helps Teams

  • Improve communication
  • Solve problems better
  • Increase creativity
  • Deepen understanding and empathy
  • Improve memory retention
  • Make meetings more engaging

Available Formats

  • Interactive keynote
  • Workshop
  • Longer program

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Your session was fabulous. I have never in my professional life seen such a wonderful session.
Mohsin Uddin Ahmed GPM, OCA, MCS, MS(CS)

Sr. System Engineer

Thank you Melissa for an amazing session – you’ve given a very delicate thought to everyone that there’s a small kid living inside us which we can bring out and have focus on the process to improve our professional and personal lives and have fun along with it. Highly appreciated 🙌
M. Ali Ashraf

Agile Delivery Manager | Scrum Master | Certified Agile Practitioner

I attended each and every minute. It was very captivating. I loved it.
Sundas Shaukat, PMP®

Project Management Professional (PMP)® | Project Manager | Product Owner

One key takeaway was in form of how powerful hand drawn illustrations can be when communicating a message by virtue of the imperfect, free flowing images that are more personal rather than coming from an assembly line of images. Thank you for teaching a powerful lesson using just color pencil and piece of paper Melissa.
Umayr Khan

Certified Scrum Professional

Hassan’s customer journey storyboard from my session at the 2022 Karachi Regional Scrum Gathering.

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