Virtual Facilitation Trainings

Are you struggling to engage people on Zoom?

Having a hard time creating connection and intimacy in your virtual meetings?

Or simply dealing with the “little” challenges like people talking over each other?

What about large events—is it even possible to replicate the feeling of bumping into people in the hallways that we get at an in-person conference? (Hint: yes, and I can teach you that secret!)

You don’t need a four-figure certification program to up your virtual facilitation game. Come to my Non-Boring Virtual Meetings trainings and learn how playful activities and essential facilitation tips can revolutionize your meetings.

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Creative Sandbox Solutions™ stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” As a business, and as members of the community, we stand with those working to bend that arc.

We commit to continually addressing our own internalized racism and eradicating white supremacy in order to create a just and inclusive world for all.

As part of our commitment, anyone working to end systemic racism is invited to take our training programs for free. At checkout, enter BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Non-Boring Virtual Meetings 101

Next Date: TBD

Price: Name Your Price

The Original NBVM!

Put an END to boring virtual meetings! “Hands-On” workshop for managers, team leads, trainers & facilitators making the move from face-to-face to virtual.

What You’ll Learn:

All Levels:

  • Engaging Activities for Creating Interaction & Connection Online
  • The Shift to Virtual Facilitation: Essentials every meeting leader needs

OPTIONAL (in Extended Learning & Mastery Levels):

  • Zoom Tech, Tips & “Hacks”

You Get:

  • 2-hour LIVE hands-on workshop
  • Video recording of the workshop
  • Links to supporting docs & resources
  • Drop-in Office Hours
  • Free access to attend future dates of this same training

Plus additional options for the Extended Learning and Mastery levels

Non-Boring Virtual Meetings 200-Series

Next Date: TBD

Price: Name Your Price

The suggested amount is $50, but if you are severely impacted by these times of rapid change, or are a member of an historically untapped community, any amount you feel is fair will be accepted.

FREE for human services agencies in Silicon Valley and people working to end systemic racism.


NBVM 101 laid the foundation, in the 200 series you’ll build on it!

(NBVM 101 is NOT a prerequisite for taking NBVM 200-series workshops. You do need to know how to use mute/unmute, show/hide video, and Gallery View on Zoom.)

Come learn a variety of interactive activities you’ll be able to use immediately at your next virtual meeting.​

​PLUS you’ll not only debrief each activity…​

​You’ll brainstorm different scenarios where you might use that activity, and best practices for debriefing.​

​You’ll leave with new tools in your “toolbox” and a resource you created with everyone else in the workshop.

You Get:

  • 1-hour LIVE hands-on workshop
  • Video recording of the workshop
  • Links to supporting docs & resources
  • Drop-in Office Hours
  • Free access to attend future dates of this same training

Let me custom-design a workshop for your team!

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