You must meet the amazing Anna Goldsworthy! It may not look like it, but she’s actually a test subject here!

Yep, this 3-minute video represents the culmination of what may have been my biggest experiment of 2019.

One of the things I started playing with last year was making animated explainer videos.

Anna raised her hand to be a beta tester.

As you can see if you watch the video, not only is Anna super-creative, she loves trying new things!

I’m grateful to Anna for being willing to experiment with me. 🙂

Anna has wildly varied background:

A 34-year corporate career, during which she

?drew circuit boards
?managed websites
?wrote code
?led interdisciplinary teams
?designed and facilitated nation-wide offsites

She’s been a business owner since 1984 as

?a graphic designer
?an author
?a life coach
?a jewelry designer
?a mural painter

She’s currently offering book interior design (for a phenomenal price, too), so if you’re an author, check her out!

Now I want to hear from you: Do you love trying new things? 


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