“My presentations need a little refreshing,” said Geoff. “If I’m bored, I can only imagine that my clients must be, too!”

We were on a 15-minute Clarity Call, a quick phone chat where I rapid-fire a bunch of questions to see if and how I can help a client.

Geoff’s issue intrigued me, because it’s part of a trend I’m experiencing right now.

I’ve been getting calls from both individuals and companies, all asking for help with:

✅ bringing campaigns to life, especially virtually

✅ building rapport with clients

✅ injecting creativity into client presentations

It seems a lot of folks are struggling with boring, or repetitive client presentations. They want creative, engaging presentations that win clients on the first pitch.

​In other words, they want to become winning presenters.

Now, I haven’t thought of myself as specializing in “presentation training,” but when I look at my expertise, the clients knocking on my proverbial door lately make a lot of sense.

For the past couple of years one of the things I’ve been doing is helping people communicate for more influence and impact.

A lot of these folks have been high-level researchers, so they’re sharing data rather than making sales presentations.

But the skills they need are the same.

It just so happens that there’s a big overlap between the skills I teach in my Communicating for Influence program and the skills needed by winning presenters.

If you want to be a winning presenter, there are five key ingredients you need to master:

❤️ EMPATHY – the ability to understand your client and their context

👍 “YES, AND” – a term from the world of improv, that means the ability to accept and build on other people’s ideas

💬 CONCISION – the ability to communicate clearly without rambling, “firehosing,” or using jargon

🕺 AGILITY – the ability to think on your feet and handle whatever clients throw at you

👂 “BIG EARS” – a term from the world of jazz, in this context it means the ability to listen deeply, and hear “between the lines”

When I looked back at the content I’d developed, I realized I actually already have a signature system that’s tailor made for anyone who wants to transform boring, ho-hum client presentations into creative, engaging presentations that win clients on the first pitch.

It was a simple matter to organize my existing content into a system I call the Winning Presenter Process™.

I’ll be sharing more about the five key ingredients to become a winning presenter, and the Winning Presenter Process™, over on YouTube and LinkedIn over the coming weeks. Follow me there for some fun micro-videos (some of which might just make you laugh! 🤩)

I’m looking forward to helping more people become winning presenters!


Interested to learn more? Message me to chat about how I can use my signature system to help you transform your boring, ho-hum client presentations to creative, engaging presentations that win clients on the first pitch.

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