“There’s room for growth here,” said Jack, “which is why we’re doing this summit.”

Over 200 managers.

All really good technical leaders… with room for growth on the human side of managing people.

So the org — part of a Fortune 100 social media company you know well — decided to organize a half-day virtual summit to give participants an opportunity to gather and learn from each other.

This is where I came in.

Jack and his organizing committee were wise enough to realize that when it came to virtual events, they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

They wanted to avoid the usual traps:

  • An agenda that’s more like a stagnant pool than a flowing stream
  • Structure & timing that leaves people drained (or worse, they disengage, multi-task, or simply log off altogether!)
  • A nightmare of dropped balls, overlooked details, and technical glitches on the day of the event

They knew they needed expert help.​

The committee had put together a draft agenda, so rather than starting from scratch, I was able to offer strategic advising to hone it into a shape everyone was happy with.

They also wisely decided to bring me in as MC, which brought a level of energy into the event that wouldn’t otherwise have been there.

“We really packed a ton into that time,” said Jack, “without being a [full] day away from work. I don’t think we would have done it as well, without somebody to keep us on track.”

The result?

Positive feedback from participants. (Though yes, a few people did say they hope the next summit will be in-person, many others said they’re looking forward to the next virtual summit!)

Perhaps most importantly, connections were made around the globe, and new behaviors instilled — participants have started integrating and implementing what they learned!

I always consider this the real success.

The proof is in the pudding: you can have a virtual summit that builds connections, fosters learning, and leaves attendees raving.


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