​I was in the middle of my talk, onstage in front of 200 people, and everything was going great. The audience was in the palm of my hands.

Then I clicked the remote to advance to the next slide, and what appeared instead was a blank screen with the words, “end of presentation.”

Oh, dear.

For split second my mind was as blank as the screen, before the spike of adrenaline hit my bloodstream.

I can still remember that feeling: “Yikes — now what?”

We’ve all been there — those unexpected, high-stress moments.

Technical glitches.

A curve ball question when all eyes are on you.

How do you stop from becoming that proverbial deer in the headlights?

What would it mean for your team if you could all pivot and swerve to avoid getting turned into proverbial roadkill?

Spontaneity Superpowers?

Few of us are trained in uncertainty tolerance or “thinking on our feet.” I know I certainly didn’t get this type of training in school or college.

​The good news is that these skills are trainable. You can get better at being spontaneously creative and adaptable.​

Back on that stage, I rolled right on with my presentation, and afterwards, people in the audience told me how impressed they were that I hadn’t been thrown by the technical difficulties.

What I shared with them was that my improv training prepared me to roll with the punches.

(My speaking experience also trained me to craft a talk, wherever possible, that is not dependent on the slides! 😉)

“But I have no interest in performing or having to be funny!” you say?

Never fear! Improv is not actually about either one. It’s actually about being real and being present.

Still skeptical? Science backs me up, like this research conducted at London Business School that highlights the positive impact of improv on enhancing resilience and adaptability to change.

Researchers recommend that managers explore the benefits of improv training as a valuable tool for equipping their teams with essential skills and attitudes to thrive in an unpredictable world.

It’s why improv is one of the main tools in my training and facilitation toolbox. I’m currently designing a series of professional education classes for a local college using improv to teach topics such as:

  • The Art of “Thinking On Your Feet” Under Pressure
  • How to Be a More Persuasive & Influential Team Leader
  • Managing Team Conflict & Negotiation


If you and your team could use a little boost in the spontaneity department, so you can handle whatever gets thrown at you, I’d love to help.

Broken slide presentations, technical glitches, and other unexpected high-stress moments are still going to happen, but with the right training, we’ll get you loose and flexible, ready to pivot on the fly. Utterly unshakeable.

Are you ready to harness the power of improv to help your team become spontaneity superheroes and connect with powerful communication, so you can have more effective collaboration throughout and beyond your organization?

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