“We’re failing our customers,” Francesca said.

“Our products are flying off the shelves, but there’s so much information about how to use them — on our site, and all over the web — and people just get overwhelmed. So they give up before they even start.”

Thankfully for the company, they had Francesca.

She’d been following me on LinkedIn for awhile, and had the vision to see how creative, playful, virtual instructor-led trainings for new buyers could plug the leak, while also helping the company stand out — both from industry competitors, and from the cottage industry of teachers who make their livings teaching how to use the products on YouTube!

Francesca and I talked about what success would look like:

  • an increase in user engagement
  • a tick-up in the NPS survey
  • having a process for continual iteration and improvement

And did I mention, the solution had to be scalable, too — the company needed to be able to train hundreds, possibly thousands, of new customers at a time.

My job was to make it accessible and FUN! 😁

After nailing down the details of the agreement, with approval from above, Francesca and I met with a few other key team members to visualize and define the expectations and goals for the event.

(I love using a whiteboarding tool for this part — it helps make it more concrete, colorful, and fun!)

Before the first session, I provided strategic advising on staffing, tech, admin, marketing, and all the other details that go into these kinds of events.​

From there, I designed a draft session plan for feedback, which I would ultimately facilitate four times, as beta sessions.

And after each event the team debriefed and discussed how to optimize and iterate before the next session.

Customer feedback was great.

Upper management was thrilled.

In short time, Francesca called me back to train the company’s contract staff to stand up the program, now that they had proof of concept.

Today, the company’s contract team runs 20 workshops per month (twice that during the holidays), all catalyzed from those original sessions I designed, and 3 out of 4 courses hit in the 80s for NPS.

They’re no longer failing their customers. They’re the industry leader.

Bringing connection, fun, and delight into live, virtual sessions made the difference for Francesca’s company.


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