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The Creative Sandbox Way™ Podcast with Melissa DinwiddieLife is too short to not express the innate creativity inside of you. Host Melissa Dinwiddie features individuals and organizations who are approaching life and work creatively, playfully, and innovatively — making a difference, or living life “in full color”— in other words, living the principles of her book The Creative Sandbox Way. Along the way, and in between interview episodes, Melissa shares practical tips on creativity, productivity, innovation, and leadership.

Whether you’re a corporate leader looking to boost innovation and foster a culture of creativity at work; or an individual looking to get past fear, self-doubt, resistance, and distractions, so you can finally make time for the art / music / writing / craft you’ve been longing to do, if you’re ready to feel more ease and enjoyment in life and work, walk the Creative Sandbox Way™ with Melissa.

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CSW Podcast 181: On Building Communities with Emmy McCarthy & Naomi Hattaway

CSW 181: On Building Communities with Emmy McCarthy & Naomi HattawayEmmy McCarthy has been building communities across Europe since Y2K. Before we liked each other on Facebook, before we became a number on someone’s mailing list, Emmy was helping humans connect to humans.

She sees patterns where others see chaos. She uses those patterns to connect the dots and develop strengths-based solutions that grow communities and help small businesses thrive.

By getting clear, getting focused and taking action, she knows that read more…

CSW Podcast 180: Finding the Underlying Goal

Note: For the fullest experience, I recommend listening to the podcast, as the audio version always contains additional comments and tangents not found in the blog post version.

CSW 180: Finding the Underlying GoalOn Sunday I led my second ever Creative Sandbox Playday.

Three people were in attendance.

Two of whom were me and my husband.

The first Creative Sandbox Playday had eight people, so only three was something of a let-down, though there were supposed to be four — one attendee got sick and wasn’t able to be there.

And a few others would have been there, but had scheduling conflicts.

This kind of thing is a ripe opportunity for gremlins to rush in and tell me what a loser I am.

read more…

CSW Podcast 179: How Gary Ware Uses Play to Create Magic

CSW 179: How Gary Ware Uses Play to Create MagicGary Ware is the Founder of Breakthrough Play, a company that helps teams be more creative, confident, and collaborative using play. To do this, Gary incorporates techniques that professional improvisers use to create amazing experiences without a script.

Gary has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over a decade and first got into improvisation as a way to better his public speaking. Gary quickly found that improv and play could be a solution to various business challenges, so he started doing workshops for his team and other people in his network.

I met Gary when we both attended the Applied Improvisation Network World Conference last summer, in Irvine, California. He was not only a fellow play evangelist, but he was incredibly generous. I felt like I’d met the little brother I’d always wanted.

Of course I had to have him on the podcast! read more…

CSW Podcast 178: Hiring vs. Cultivating Creativity

Note: For the fullest experience, I recommend listening to the podcast, as the audio version always contains additional comments and tangents not found in the blog post version.

CSW 178: Hiring vs. Cultivating CreativityI was at a friend’s son’s bar mitzvah on Saturday, and at the luncheon after the service I sat across from another friend I hadn’t seen in ages. She wanted to know what I’ve been up to since we last spoke, so I explained that I started a consultancy that helps teams and organizations cultivate cultures of creativity, so they can become hotbeds of innovation.

She was surprised that such a niche existed. “Don’t companies just hire innovative people?” she asked. “Why would they need to cultivate a culture of creativity?”

It sounds like a reasonable enough question, but if we take a moment to unpack it, it’s based on flawed logic. But not uncommon logic.

Embedded in this question is one of the biggest challenges I face as a creativity instigator: the belief that read more…

CSW Podcast 177: A Chat with Culture Expert Mike Ganino

CSW 177: A Chat with Culture Expert Mike GaninoMike Ganino is a culture + storytelling expert who helps executives, teams, and thought leaders communicate, connect, and engage. He is the author of Company Culture for Dummies and has been named a Top 30 Culture Speaker by Global Guru.

Organizations love Mike’s high energy, high engaging workshops and keynotes that fire them up to rewrite the stories happening in their culture. They leave with real-life strategies they can begin implementing immediately for improved culture that drives employee and customer experience.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Mike’s recognition on Global Gurus
  • How Mike became an expert on culture & his book, Company Culture for Dummies
  • Mike’s thesis on read more…

CSW Podcast 176: Accept and Build

Note: For the fullest experience, I recommend listening to the podcast, as the audio version always contains additional comments and tangents not found in the blog post version.

CSW 176: Accept and BuildI feel like I’ve been away for a solid month. And that’s not far from reality, because I was in Paris and Basel for 2 1/2 weeks, and then I was home for a week recovering from jet lag and preparing for my Creative Sandbox Retreat, and then I was away again at my Creative Sandbox Retreat.

And now, as I’m recording this, it is exactly one month from the day we landed in Paris!

Anyway, Paris and Basel were amazing. Best vacation we’ve ever had.

Even though, I spent the entire time, from the fourth day onwards, on crutches! 

Yes, that’s right, on our third day in Paris I developed a raging case of Achilles tendinitis. read more…

CSW Podcast 175: Johanna Walker Is a Fear-Blasting Storytelling Maven

CSW 175: Johanna Walker Is a Fear-Blasting Storytelling MavenJohanna Walker is the fear-blasting, storytelling maven for entrepreneurs and people with a mission, also known as a public speaking coach. She co-produces and co-hosts Truth Be Told, a popular storytelling event in Boulder, CO and is the founder of Women Who Speak, a transformational speaker coaching program for female leaders. She’s written and performed solo theater pieces that she’s toured throughout the US and Canada, and has worked with adolescent girls, women in jail & corporate execs, over and over witnessing the transformative power of telling our stories and speaking our truths.

In this episode we talked about:

  • How Johanna became a fear-blasting, story-telling maven for entrepreneurs and people with a mission
  • The fact that Johanna was teaching what she needed to learn at the beginning
  • Our personal experiences with read more…

CSW Podcast From the Archive: The Dance of “Want To” and “Have To”

CSW 155: The Dance of "Want To" and "Have To"So a few weeks back, maybe a month ago now, I started practicing graphic recording tools and techniques in order to bone up for bringing graphic facilitation to my corporate and organizational workshops.

And because my practice is to share what I’m creating, I posted my efforts on Instagram, which feeds out to Facebook.

I even made a special Pinterest board, just for my Visual Practice stuff.

Now, my gremlins are pretty loud and nasty, so they didn’t hold back telling me all the ways that my “flip chart sketch notes” fell short of what I wanted them to be.

And because I’ve been following all sorts of masters of the field of graphic recording and graphic facilitation, my standards are pretty high, I admit.

So it came as a huge surprise when read more…

CSW Podcast From the Archive: The Frustration of the Flail

CSW 147: The Frustration of the FlailAt the end of 2015 I faced a moment of truth.

I realized I was not getting to my art table to make art.

Weeks had gone by, and I had not managed to squeeze in even a few minutes, despite the fact that my art table is literally right behind my computer desk. So all I have to do is turn around and take two steps to the left to be standing at it.

The gravitational pull of my computer is so strong, it was keeping me from doing even that much.

Clearly, something had to change.

What to do?

One thing I know is: the read more…

CSW Podcast From the Archive: Eat the Frog

CSW 143: Eat the FrogI had planned to share an interview today, but we had a “first world problem” disaster with airplane tickets to Paris that took up the entire afternoon.

The afternoon that was supposed to be devoted to working on the podcast.

Instead I was canceling and rebooking frequent flier mile airplane tickets — which inadvertently cost us $1500 we are hoping to get back (the jury’s still out on that) — then spending hours on the phone with customer support to try to get seats together.

Yeah, it’s all ridiculously complicated. Don’t ask.

Anyway, interview episodes take a lot of time to produce, so I thought I’d share a new productivity tactic that’s been rattling around in my brain.

It’s unfinished, so you’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at something I’m working on.

These are my early thoughts, as I shared them the earlier this week with my Creative Sandbox Community.

read more…

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