Leadership & Team Development Workshops

A global research study by IBM identified creativity as the top leadership competency for enterprises.

That’s not something you’ll develop by taking your team out for a round of beers at the local bar.

“Make your own dinner together,” ropes courses, “paint your own pot” nights — let’s face it, typical “team building” events don’t do anything to actually strengthen creativity muscles or move a team forward in a significant way.

Don’t get me wrong: those types of events are great for a night of entertainment, and if that’s all you’re looking for, great!

But when you want to truly develop your people, as leaders and/or as a cohesive team, you need more than “just entertainment.”

“Team building” is an outcome of all my workshops, and it’s actually baked into the methodologies I use.

Don’t be deceived by the use of play-based methods. My workshops and offsites are seriously fun work, designed to solve your specific business challenges while cultivating a culture that makes people want to be there.

They goal, after all, is for your organization to be a place where trust and camaraderie are high, even when you don’t always see eye-to-eye. Where there’s space for creative abrasion and freedom to take risks.

And always with an eye on your company’s bottom line.

(Just in case you’re wondering, all of these workshops are available in virtual format.)

Communicating for Influence

I was skeptical that a virtual “offsite” was even worth doing, certainly one that involved “play” for my team, but Melissa proved that it can work. The Communicating for Influence workshop she created for my research team was great at teaching key skills while at the same time being fun! I have already seen my team using these tools in their day to day work. Melissa was easy to work with, and knows how to design and facilitate an impactful program. I have already recommended her to my colleagues at Facebook, and will continue to do so.

Carly Rush

Research Manager, Facebook

Melissa’s “Communicating for Influence” program was an impactful, refreshing change from “typical” team education sessions. We saw deep engagement and real learning through the highly interactive and very fun activities. It’s a unique offering totally designed for this challenging video meeting age we’re in, and maximizes the possibilities of the medium. Customizing the course with Melissa was a wonderful process – she was so collaborative and focused on the results we needed. 

Britta Schell

User Research Consultant, Facebook

Your team is smart, but if they can’t communicate their ideas, influence others, and build mutual understanding, all that brainpower is going to waste.

Time to strengthen their diplomacy muscles!

Communicating for Influence uses interactive activities to help team members know how to connect with different types of audiences, and use empathy and mutual understanding to shape their message to connect with—and influence—their audience more effectively.

Delivered over two to three 2-hour virtual sessions, with a week in between sessions. This allows time between for team members to put what they learned into practice with some mini-experiments.

Communicating for Influence Helps Team Members:

  • Develop effective strategies for engaging and influencing colleagues
  • Demonstrate an understanding of different audiences
  • Apply empathy to communicate more effectively
  • Construct an audience-centered message based on mutual understanding
  • Identify a non-adversarial, constructive tone vs. an adversarial, destructive one

In the 3-session version:

  • Speak from (and hence empathize with) both sides of an issue)
  • Use deep listening to find understanding within disagreement
  • Practice gathering a group of people around a single idea

Our leadership development program is designed to give your leaders and aspiring leaders the skills they need to become not just stand-out leaders, but stand-out humans.

Offered in six sessions, ideally over the course of 6 or 12 months, with a roundtable discussion in between trainings.

Plus, we offer the option to bring in one of our partner leadership coaches to work with individuals, or your team as a group.

And of course, as with all Creative Sandbox Solutions™ offerings, this ain’t no lecture-hall training. We use play-based methods, so your team will be playing, moving, laughing, and using their whole brain, to make these workshops highly memorable and a whole lotta fun!

Our Leadership Development Program Helps Leaders & Aspiring Leaders:

  • Lean into uncertainty / deal with ambiguity
  • Manage self-doubt, self-criticism, Imposter Complex
  • Improve communication skills
  • Build their willpower “muscle”
  • Deal with “time-crunch overwhelm”
  • Treat themselves and others with compassion

TIP: Looking for a power move?

Offer our Leadership Development Program specifically for your women — both leaders and aspiring leaders.


The single-greatest lever in driving innovation is building a diverse leadership team, and yet imposter complex tends to hold women back. My Leadership Development Program is designed to help shift the exact areas these women typically struggle with.

Our team development program facilitates communication and deeper understanding through a series of half-day intensives over the course of 12 months.

In between, we coach you in ways to keep the energy from the intensives going, with engaging activities and strategies you can use day-to-day to continue to strengthen relationships and deliver results.

Our Team Development Program Helps Teams:

  • Align their values and behaviors
  • Set team goals
  • Generate a shared vision
  • Come up with Guiding Principles
  • Cultivate a Culture of Creativity/Innovation
  • Improve communication / collaboration within a team

You don’t create a great relationship from a single date, and the same is true of a great workplace culture. It needs time. Which is why I recommend committing to my 1-year Team Development.

Just want a one-off workshop? Sure, I can do that…

But in the long run? Commitment makes for a better culture.

Ready to Unleash Creativity In Your Organization?