Put an END to Boring Virtual Meetings!

Now that everyone’s on Zoom, it’s so much harder to keep people engaged.

Free flow conversation is difficult when participants have to mute themselves.

And how the heck do you know who goes next when you can’t stand in a circle anymore??

The secret of leading engaging meetings online is approaching them with a virtual mindset!

I’m running a workshop to help you lead UN-SUCKY virtual meetings.


• Engaging Activities for Creating Interaction & Connection Online

• The Shift to Virtual Facilitation: Essentials Every Meeting Leader Needs

This is a HANDS-ON workshop, NOT a lecture!

Next Live Workshop Coming Soon!

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I’m Melissa Dinwiddie, and I specialize in transforming boring virtual trainings & events into creative, interactive, playful experiences attendees rave about.

“Let’s make your virtual meetings un-suck!”


Confidence Increased 37% Among Workshop Attendees!

Before & After polls, showing 37% increase in confidence after attending Non-Boring Virtual Meetings workshop

This was the first Zoom meeting that didn’t leave me feeling drained (despite being an awfully extroverted activity for an introvert). We need more tools like this to thrive in this new way of being together. Thank you for helping me find ways to break through my self-consciousness and bring in some fun and connection, regardless of platform (and I learned a bunch of options).”

Heather Leide

Director, Airport Development, Metropolitan Airports Commission

If I could change anything, I’d be tempted to say “make it longer – I want more!” but I probably would prefer to get more by attending a 201 version. The two hours FLEW by! It was superb.
I will absolutely recommend this workshop to a bunch of folks. I believe a lot of people I know will be interested in improving their meetings with your help.
Paul Fanning

Trustee, American Water Works Association

“Virtual Meetings can be challenging. Even for seasoned pros. And yet virtual meetings will become way more commonplace and facilitating them will be a new soft skill people will need. What I got from Non-Boring Virtual Meetings is that with a few little interactions you can create a sense of place that brings people together quickly and comfortably. I loved that people weren’t afraid to ask questions. Either in chat or in person. I’d say this is proof that the activities presented worked. You are awesome, Melissa!”

Tucker Harley Brown

Director, UX & Design, Worldplay

Thanks for showing me it’s possible to create fun games on Zoom! I loved that this workshop was hands-on, interactive and fast paced. I really enjoyed the social interaction in a group that’s not about talking. It’s often what is missing on Zoom group meetings and just what I needed. You were an animated, engaging and creative leader. The workshop helps people loosen up, have fun and learn how to be creative in leading groups on Zoom. Thank you so much for a great workshop!”

Ellen Robinson

Choir Director, San Francisco Community Music Center

“Thank you for last night’s workshop and opening up the door to new possibilities when it comes to virtual meetings. I was impressed by the amount of thought you put into planning. It was so refreshing to use such engaging and interactive techniques with other participants in a live, virtual setting! I’m feeling very inspired and will warmly recommend your workshop!”

Hanna Varga

Visual Artist

“The thoughtful, personal care and attention, the delicious shower of creative sparks throughout, and even the follow-up to ensure we had a brilliant experience all added up to a fantastic learning adventure that I know will enhance my classes in the future — both online and if they ever happen in person again. This was the best money and time I have spent on my business in ages. Thank you, Melissa!”

Beth, Owl's Daughter

Teacher, Writer, Seer, Dream Whisperer, Spiritual Guide