Put an END to Boring Virtual Meetings!

“Hands-On” Workshop for Managers, Team Leads, Trainers & Facilitators making the move from Face-to-Face to virtual

What if people left your virtual meetings raving about what a great time they had?

What if they actually looked forward to a meeting you ran on Zoom?

It’s not a fantasy!

The secret of leading engaging meetings online is simple:

Stop trying to shoehorn face-to-face methods into a virtual platform, and start approaching them with a virtual mindset!

Simple… but not easy.

Most people have no idea how to do this!

In Non-Boring Virtual Meetings, you will learn how to lead engaging, interactive meetings on Zoom where the participants actually have fun!


Who Is This For?

Non-Boring Virtual Meetings is a “hands-on” workshop and on-demand library for executives, managers, team leads, trainers, facilitators, and educators.

If you facilitate virtual meetings and want your sessions to be more interactive, engaging and memorable, you’ve come to the right place.


Non-Boring Virtual Meetings is FOR you if you:

  • Are open to PLAY and trying new things
  • Have a working webcam, audio connection and reliable internet connection
  • Want to have fun!

Non-Boring Virtual Meetings is NOT for you if you:

  • Just want to sit back and be lectured at
  • Don’t like trying new things
  • Are not open to play or having fun

Sound good? Cool!

What You’ll Learn

Non-Boring Virtual Meetings 101 gives you a new way to look at virtual meetings, and I walk through how to approach Zoom (in particular) from this new perspective.

Instead of asking “How can I do what I do in-person on Zoom?” you’ll learn to ask “What can we do with this platform?”

I’ll walk you through some of the different features on Zoom (such as rename, chat, and Gallery View), and how you can start to think of them from this new paradigm.

Specifically, you’ll learn…

All Levels:

• Engaging Activities for Creating Interaction & Connection Online

• The Shift to Virtual Facilitation: Essentials every meeting leader needs

OPTIONAL (in Extended Learning & Mastery Levels):

• Zoom Tech, Tips & “Hacks”

The Next Session Is TBD

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How excited are you about your next virtual meeting?

These in-class poll results show the changes people have experienced from Melissa Dinwiddie’s Non-Boring Virtual Meetings.

What’s Included in Non-Boring Virtual Meetings:

There are three levels to choose from: Basic, Extended Learning, and Mastery.

The Basic level comes with the 2-hour live workshop, recording of the workshop, links to supporting documents and resources, drop-in office hours, and free access to attend future dates of NBVM 101.

Extended Learning comes with all of the above, PLUS on-demand access to a library of videos and lessons, including individual activities from class, and Zoom tech lessons, plus a PDF Activity Guide and BONUS PDFs. (Note: some of the Zoom tech lessons and Activity Guide are still “under construction,” so for a limited time I’m offering this level for $25 off — just $75)

Mastery comes with everything included in Extended Learning, plus a 1-hour one-on-one mentoring session with Melissa, to work on tech, design of your meeting, or practice any aspect of your delivery. Must be used within 3 months of purchase. ($300 value)

“Melissa’s Non-Boring Virtual Meetings workshop was great! I took away a lot of fun ideas for the meetings I host. I’m going to invite my colleagues at a foundation I work with to the next workshop she offers, and suggest they consult with her on engagement techniques, or maybe do a bespoke webinar for their main trainers and curriculum developers. She’s THAT GOOD!”

Stephanie Schwab

Founder/CEO, Crackerjack Marketing

“This was the first Zoom meeting that didn’t leave me feeling drained (despite being an awfully extroverted activity for an introvert). We need more tools like this to thrive in this new way of being together. Thank you for helping me find ways to break through my self-consciousness and bring in some fun and connection, regardless of platform.”

Heather Leide

Director, Airport Development, Metropolitan Airports Commission

Who Am IMelissa Dinwiddie - LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® strategy sessions, graphic recorder, graphic facilitator in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area and beyond

I’m Melissa Dinwiddie—innovation strategist, creativity instigator, improvisor, facilitator. I run Creative Sandbox Solutions™, a consultancy that takes the “bored” out of (virtual) boardrooms with “technologies” like improv and markers, and I’m author of The Creative Sandbox Way™. I’ve been leading meetings, classes, and gatherings online since 2010.

I’ve made all the mistakes, and learned the hard way how to do it right.

Now I’m teaching what I’ve learned about how to make virtual meetings (classes, gatherings) engaging and fun.

All in a hands-on, experimental format, where you’ll get to experience for yourself the principles that I’m teaching you!

“Non-Boring Virtual Meetings showed me there are lots of ways to make the technology work with your objectives, not as an obstacle. I learned so many great ideas to try out! I feel like I have lots more confidence that I can be prepared for leading my sessions in the future. You ROCK, Melissa!”

Beth Owl's Daughter

Teacher, Writer, Spiritual Guide

“Melissa provided an engaging workshop with tangible exercises that we experienced—and some tips to use functions within Zoom more dynamically—which I’ll be bringing into my own sessions! I especially loved learning how to make physical interaction more possible. Highly recommended!”

Katie Anderson

Leadership Coach

People Are Talking…
Listen to Class Participants Share in Their Own Words

More Praise…

“Thanks for showing me it’s possible to create fun games on Zoom! I loved that this workshop was hands-on, interactive and fast paced.”

Ellen Robinson
Choir DirectorSan Francisco Community Music Center

“What I got from Non-Boring Virtual Meetings is that with a few little interactions you can create a sense of place that brings people together quickly and comfortably. I loved that people weren’t afraid to ask questions. Either in chat or in person. I’d say this is proof that the activities presented worked. You are awesome, Melissa!”

Tucker Harley Brown
Director, UX & DesignWorldplay

“I’ve never felt so engaged and aware of my fellow participants as I did in this workshop. The games and activities activated empathic connections in a whole new way for me.”

Shannon Paris
Community AdvocateWhat Works

“I’ll be recommending this workshop to friends and colleagues, because it’s really easy to disengage from virtual meetings and do other things. Your ideas give a reason to stay tuned.”

Christopher J. Wesley
Application Support AnalystCity of Hope

“I especially loved how interactive the workshop was. It gave me a wonderful idea of what is possible with virtual meetings. Thank you for the inspiration!”

Anna Donato
Consultant & Coach

“This was a great workshop! My biggest takeaway was how to play with Zoom to help people be at ease with it. I would absolutely recommend Melissa’s Non-Boring Virtual Meetings!”

Francine Michaud

“It was so refreshing to use such engaging and interactive techniques with other participants in a live, virtual setting! I’m feeling very inspired and will warmly recommend your workshop!”

Hanna Varga
Artist & Teacher

“Yesterday I was hosting the first group session where I used some of the techniques I learnt in your workshop and it was a great success! Thank you again for all the inspiration!”

Hanna Varga
Artist & Teacher

“I loved the energy of this workshop! Thanks for helping me see that there are ways to reach all kinds of learners.”

Lisa Schaffer
Director of Business Development, BSTRO

“The aspect I liked best about Non-Boring Virtual Meetings was the energy and sense of play/exploration. To succeed in this new world we all need to adopt a “beginners mind” and Melissa makes that a reality by providing a space of experimentation and discovery that is essential if we want to create genuinely engaging and energizing on line experiences”

John Brewer
Conference Designer, Ideax

“I would recommend Melissa’s Non-Boring Virtual Meetings to people who run a lot of meetings. I enjoyed learning more about the scope of what is possible on Zoom, and how to loosen people up during a session.”

Emily Taylor
Principal, TeenyBIG

“It was a game-changer and I really enjoyed it! Thank you!”

Marianne Post
Certified Instructor, Future Media Concepts

The Next Session Is TBD

Choose your option and click to reserve your spot now:


Will I learn technical aspects of Zoom?

I will cover minimal tech in the live workshop, and assume you know these Zoom basics:

  • How to find Gallery View
  • How to mute/unmute
  • How to show/hide video
  • How to use Chat

That said, I will be covering some tech as it relates to facilitating the activities I’ll be teaching.

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you wish at the drop-in open office hours after the live workshop.

In addition, any tech that you need to know that I don’t cover in the live workshop will be covered in the on-demand lessons in the Extended Learning and Mastery levels. Plus in those levels you’ll be able to ask questions in the Community Forum.

In what kinds of applications will I be able to use the activities I learn?

I’ll be teaching activities that are applicable in all sorts of group settings, from team meetings, to Board meetings, to community gatherings… really, anytime humans get together in groups on Zoom (or another virtual platform, though we’ll be using Zoom for the workshop).

You’ll need to use your judgment to decide which activities are best suited for your particular circumstance, but I’ll share a range of activities that can be used as energizers and icebreakers, as transitions/brain breaks, to connect people, or to achieve a purpose. Many of the activities I’ll share also have multiple variations.

Once you start thinking with a virtual mindset, you might start inventing your own activities!

I am VERY familiar with the technology. I am not as familiar with making sessions engaging though. I've done enough of these to know what doesn't work, but I am interested to dive deeper into tactics other than polls, chat, etc. to engage. Knowing the above, would I be a good fit for this training?
You’d be a great fit for this training, which is aimed specifically at how to make sessions engaging, using play-based activities from the world of improv and other sources.
I’m try to cover as little tech as possible in the live workshop, and let those who aren’t familiar with the tech bring questions to the drop-in office hours or refer to the on-demand lessons (Extended Learning and Mastery levels).
What's the refund policy?

All sales are final. So before you click that buy button, make sure you:

  • Really want to sign up
  • Are ready and willing to participate

You’ll definitely get the most value if you show up and participate in the live workshop, but keep in mind that you’ll get a video recording of the workshop, and in the Extended Learning and Mastery levels 6 months access to the lessons and downloads in the on-demand library.

And because I also edit down the video into shorter sections for each separate exercise, you won’t have to scroll through two hours to find the activity you want to revisit!


I’m super-excited to help you lead Non-Boring Virtual Meetings and bring more “zip” to your Zooms!

Hope to see you soon!

The Next Session Is TBD

Choose your option and click to reserve your spot now:

Melissa Dinwiddie - LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® strategy sessions, graphic recorder, graphic facilitator in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area and beyondI’m Melissa Dinwiddie, and I take the “bored” out of (virtual) boardrooms with play and live-drawn visuals. I’ve led online workshops and gatherings since 2010.

“Let’s make your virtual meetings un-suck!”