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Builders building models with "human bricks" at the LEGO®(less) SERIOUS PLAY® workshop at the Applied Improvisation Network world conference in Paris, August 2018How many boring meetings and trainings have you had to attend in your work life?

I know the answer: too many.

Here’s the thing: when we’re bored, our brains shut down.

When did we get the idea that learning and growth was supposed to be boring and painful?? Science proves (and your own experience demonstrates) the opposite is true:

The more fun and engaging something is, the more you pay attention, the more you retain, the more you learn.

We’ve known for decades now that children learn through play, and that doesn’t suddenly stop when we hit puberty. So when you’re looking to develop initiatives for your team, why would you subject them to boring, traditional, lecture-based trainings and workshops when play-based methods are stickier and more effective?

(Plus they’ll make you look like a superhero.)

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(Because they work.)


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