Learn brain-friendly exercises that activate learning while building connection

Attend a 60-Minute Non-Boring Virtual Meetings Learning Lab and Help Me Grow an Archive of Activities

Science shows that people learn best through EXPERIENCES.

From my work as an applied improv facilitator and trainer, I’ve got a ton of “experiences” I’d love to share with you, in a lab setting.

I’d also love to record these activities to put them in a searchable archive, so facilitators, trainers, teachers, or anyone looking for fun, brain-friendly, virtual activities, will have a place to see them in action, rather than just reading about them.

The NBVM Learning Lab is my answer to both of the above!

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Join me for a short, interactive session and experience the F.U.N. Method™ in action! Sign up on the waitlist and I’ll let you know when I schedule the next one!

You get to:

• Try out 2-3 themed activities that you can use immediately

• Dive deeper with each activity, by discussing various ways to alter or debrief in order to adapt for a variety of situations

• Connect, network, and learn from others, through the activities! (How meta!)

And as a Learning Lab participant, you’ll also get a discount on the archive, whenever it goes live.

Note: This is NOT a webinar! Be prepared to connect and interact with your camera on. There will be breakout rooms!

Excellent learning lab Melissa, worth every minute. Truly appreciate your time & efforts. This lab is a gem – fun, fast & great little nuggets I’ll be sure to use with our team.

Sage Culley

Chief Engineer Meeting & Events, The Davey Tree Expert Company

Upcoming Dates & Themes


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For now, each Learning Lab is just $30 (save 50% by registering a week or more in advance!)

Note that the Learning Lab is non-refundable

What Happens in the Lab?

In each Learning Lab you’ll get to try 2-3 of the kinds of active-learning activities I use in my F.U.N. Method™.

You’ll experience the activity and the debrief discussion, just as if you were an attendee of a session I designed for a client.

Then we’ll dive deeper and call on the genius of the group to share ideas of how that activity might work in different settings, or how it might be adapted for different scenarios.

You’ll discover that each activity has an infinite number of variations.

And you never know what connections may emerge. To paraphrase William Butler Yeats, strangers are only friends you haven’t met yet.

“To succeed in this new world we all need to adopt a “beginners mind” and Melissa makes that a reality by providing a space of experimentation and discovery that is essential if we want to create genuinely engaging and energizing on line experiences.”

John Brewer

Conference Designer, Event Moderator, Facilitator, Ideax

Who Is this For?

  • Organizational Leaders in charge of Employee Engagement, Onboarding, L&D, Customer Education & Engagement
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to try new ways to engage with your customers
  • Conference & Event Designers looking to make your event stand out

“Such creative ways to engage team members! I’ll be recommending this workshop to friends and colleagues, because it’s really easy to disengage from virtual meetings and do other things. Your ideas give a reason to stay tuned.”

Christopher J. Wesley

Hear from NBVM Participants!


How long are the Learning Lab sessions?

60 minutes, from 11am-12pm PT / 2-3pm ET.

What is your refund policy?

The Learning Lab is non-refundable.

What size groups do these exercises work with?

I’ll be sharing a variety of exercises that can work with a wide range of group sizes. We’ll also discuss how they can be adapted to suit different needs and outcomes.

I'm doing racial justice work/I'm a Silicon Valley nonprofit—do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Register at least one week in advance and save 50%! Working for racial justice? Use the code JUSTICE to join for free. Are you a Silicon Valley nonprofit? Use the code SVNFP to join for free.

Will the session be recorded? I notice there's a release I'm asked to sign.

The answer to this is two-fold. Yes, I do record these sessions, the activities may become part of a larger archive, and I may use snippets in my marketing (hence the release form you’ll see upon registration). However, I will not be sending out a recording to registrants after the fact. Why? Because while you’re participating in the Learning Lab, my goal is for you to learn and connect, and to experience my F.U.N. Method™, the way they work best: live and in real time.

If you’re interested in learning activities from a recording, stay tuned for information about the archive down the road! (And keep in mind that if you attend a live Learning Lab, you’ll get a great discount. 😊)

I’m Melissa Dinwiddie. I work with innovative, people-first companies that are grappling with boring (or nonexistent!) virtual trainings or events. I help them engage and delight attendees who acquire new skills or behaviors through interactive, playful training experiences.

“Play is not the opposite of work. Play is how we make work more effective.”


“This great and fun event was an order of magnitude more effective than a regular meeting. The structure, the organization, the use of time, the interactions with other participants, the exercises, the fun we had while participating. I am still amazed by it! It was fun, it was enjoyable and most of all, it was far more effective than any regular meeting. Even the best regular meetings become boring when compared to this workshop. It should be called Amazing Effective Meetings!”

Nilce Alves dos Santos

Writer | Specialist in Mineral Processing Technology

Get Notified of Upcoming Labs!

Drop your name and email below to get first dibs when registration opens for the next Learning Lab! And check the box to also get tips from me on the regular.

This was the first Zoom meeting that didn’t leave me feeling drained (despite being an awfully extroverted activity for an introvert).

Heather Leide

Director, Airport Development, Metropolitan Airports Commission

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