The Influential Leader

In business, success ultimately comes down to human-to-human connection. If you want to make an impact and effect change, you need to be able to build rapport, listen well, tell stories, tailor your messaging, and think on your feet to respond in the moment. 

The Problem:

  • Brilliant ideas and insights aren’t having the impact they should
  • Smart, talented leaders and HiPo’s struggle to make complex ideas accessible to those who don’t share the same expertise
  • Some team members (especially those with academic backgrounds) may have an adversarial or argumentative tone that turns people off, while others may be so “soft” that they never push back and get “steamrolled”
  • Team members fail to connect with different audiences, so their important insights never spread
  • People dig their heels into existing positions instead of working to find common ground
  • Freezing or choking during high-stakes situations

Enter Our Influential Leader Program

Delivered in 6 experiential modules tailored to your needs, our research-based program is designed to deliver the outcomes below (all while having a blast!)

Our Influential Leader Program Helps Leaders & HiPo’s

  • Connect better with clients and audiences
  • Build empathy with clients and audiences, to better understand their needs and how to best communicate with them
  • Validate the ideas and offers of others, and build on them
  • Listen to understand, and to find common ground
  • Find the positive inside the negative
  • Tailor messaging to each client or audience
  • Use storytelling to engage audiences/clients, versus just spitting out information
  • Distill complex ideas down into concise, digestible messages
  • Stop using jargon, which turns people off, and instead use human language that clients and audiences understand 
  • “Think on their feet” and respond to unexpected questions or objections with agility
  • Improvise during pitches/conversations, without a prepared script
  • Gracefully stand their ground when challenged or questioned

Module 1
Foundations of Influence: 
Context & Connection

Module 2
Empathy: Building
Mutual Understanding

Module 3
Listening to

Module 4
Common Ground

Module 5
What’s Important?

Module 6
Thinking On
Your Feet

Our Influential Leader Program Helps Companies

  • Increase the consistency of leadership practices across the company
  • Increase retention
  • Improve productivity and leadership effectiveness
  • Increase leader self-awareness
  • Increase loyalty to the organization
  • Build bench of leaders from which you can pull as you continue to grow — so growth can occur smoothly, based on opportunity, not leadership capacity. 
  • Cultivate a culture that fosters excellence, personal growth, and teamwork — so top talent is attracted to, excels within, and remains loyal to the organization
  • Create engaged leaders rowing in the same direction
  • Increase the odds that the company achieves its objectives, because it has more effective leaders capable of leading and developing others exceptionally well

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