Leadership Playground

Your company is growing fast. You know your leadership gap is costing you, but if you don’t also have a strategy for leadership development, it’s going to get very pricey very fast.

According to the Predictive Index calculator, a tech company with 101 full-time employees with an average salary of $100k is losing $1,103,526 to $1,348,754 to disengagement annually! 

That’s $968,086 to $1,170,994 in lost productivity costs.

And $145,440 to $177,760 in replacement costs. 


Enter Our Leadership Playground 

Delivered over 12 months in experiential modules tailored to your needs, our research-based program is designed to deliver the outcomes below (all while having a blast — this is a playground, after all!)

Leadership Playground Helps Companies

  • Increase the consistency of leadership practices across the company
  • Increase retention
  • Improve productivity and leadership effectiveness
  • Increase leader self-awareness
  • Increase loyalty to the organization
  • Build bench of leaders from which you can pull as you continue to grow — so growth can occur smoothly, based on opportunity, not leadership capacity. 
  • Cultivate a culture that fosters excellence, personal growth, and teamwork — so top talent is attracted to, excels within, and remains loyal to the organization
  • Create engaged leaders rowing in the same direction
  • Increase the odds that the company achieves its objectives, because it has more effective leaders capable of leading and developing others exceptionally well

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