Kiss My Boundaries Recording Policy & Model Release

This document explains our policy for handling recorded content for Kiss My Boundaries. Please review and sign to confirm your understanding and acceptance.

Creative Sandbox Solutions
Storage, Access & Use Policy for Recorded Content

Any learning environment requires psychological safety, so we want to be transparent about our treatment and handling of online data.

This policy outlines our approach to the recording, storage, and use of the content created within Kiss My Boundaries. The purpose of this policy is to establish the online learning environment privacy standards for this program in advance of the start of our online learning experience. 

Recording Practices, Storage & Access

In order to promote psychological safety, the live teaching portion of Kiss My Boundaries will be NOT be recorded. We will take screenshots from time to time, which will be retained in the private cloud Dropbox storage account of Creative Sandbox Solutions™, and on the personal computers of Creative Sandbox Solutions™ agents and employees. Kiss My Boundaries is protected by Creative Sandbox Solutions™ copyright. 

Sharing & Use

Creative Sandbox Solutions™ reserves the right to re-purpose all or part of the screenshots in future trainings and programs, and in marketing materials to promote future trainings and programs. Sharing or other redistribution in any part or whole of the screenshots constitutes a violation of copyright. 

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