Most Zoom hosts ask a question, let everyone respond in chat and call that “interactive.”

Ho-hum. And old school.

“What’s wrong with that?” you ask.

Your participants are trying to do too many things at once:


Guess what?​


No wonder Zoom meetings are exhausting!

Actually, there are many reasons video meetings are exhausting, some of which are outlined in this NYT article.

Chat is by no means the only reason for our energy drain, but since we know video meetings are exhausting, why add to the drain when you don’t have to?

Stop the madness, and approach your next virtual meeting with a virtual mindset.

Try this:

Waterfall of Chat

For a large group, divide people randomly into two groups, say, A-M by last name is group 1, and N-Z is group 2. (If your group is small, say 12 or fewer, do each step with everyone.)

1. Have group 1 type their answers to your question into chat, BUT DO NOT SEND!

2. Then have them all press “send” together on the count of 3.​

3. You’ll see a waterfall of chat. ? Allow time to read.​

4. Now, ask group 2 which answer they resonate with the most and why.​

5. Again, have them type their answer, BUT DO NOT SEND until the count of 3.​

6. Allow time to read the waterfall. ?​

7. Debrief. Ask what the experience was like to separate out writing and reading.

Your participants will likely breathe a sigh of relief.​

(Hat tip to Doug Shaw and Aneta Key for this exercise!)


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