If you want people to remember what happens in your meetings, text-only won’t cut it. And your PowerPoints won’t help, either—sorry! What’s the answer?

Researchers report that people retain around 65% of what they see and only 15% of what they hear, but 80% if combined.

And when the information is drawn before their eyes in real time?

Talk about engagement!

I took these visual notes of a @Harvard Business Review article by Adam Brandenburger (Reprint R1902C), to help me consolidate my learning.

Imagine what graphics like this would do for your important meetings!

Just a few benefits:

�When people get visual feedback that they’re heard, they feel acknowledged, respected, & contribute more fully

�Graphic metaphors explicitly build shared meaning

�Visualization supports BOTH seeing themes AND seeing gaps

�Enhances alignment since everyone walks away w/a common picture

Can you envision a meeting YOU’D like to have visually captured?

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