Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation

What Are Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation?

During portions of a meeting, a Graphic Recorder captures ideas and information as they are being expressed, either on large pieces of paper (usually 4′ x 8′ or larger) and flip charts, using markers and other media, or digitally, typically on an iPad Pro (which allows for remote recording).

The large size of the charts:

  • Makes ideas visible
  • Reflects the whole
  • Mirrors the content and the process the group is going through

A Graphic Facilitator combines graphic recording and process design and meeting facilitation, and may work with templates.

What Are the Benefits of Graphic Recording / Graphic Facilitation?

Fosters Engagement and Commitment

  • Participants feel acknowledged, so they contribute more fully.
  • Live-recording is fascinating to watch!
  • People are more involved, whether the recording is accurate or not: if it’s faithful, they feel respected; if it’s not, they are drawn to make corrections and additions.
  • Because people identify with their words, having them recorded on public record invites explicit commitment.
  • A public record has high validity because it can be challenged.

Supports Big-Picture Thinking

  • Graphic metaphors build shared meaning.
  • Visualization supports BOTH seeing themes and seeing gaps.
  • Large displays allow groups to work BOTH linearly and non-linearly, thus activating both left and right sides of the brain.
  • Panoramas support an appreciation of context and complexity.

Supports Group Memory

  • Visual notes that combine drawings and graphic patterns boost memory retention!
  • Group visualization enhances alignment, since everyone walks away with a common picture.
  • With digital reproductions, groups keep mind share and attention on agreements and action plans, increasing retention and productivity.

Researchers report that we retain only 15% of what we hear, and ~65% of what we see, but 80% when combined!

Research suggests we retain 15% of what we hear, 65% of what we see, but 80% when they're combined! This is the power of graphic recording and graphic facilitation

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