Don’t be a Jargon Jenny!

One of the 5 keys to success you need to master in order to be a winning presenter is CONCISION.

This means *stripping*out*the*jargon*!

AND no more firehosing people with ALL the information right up front!

All they need is a headline—a teaser—to whet their appetite, and make them hungry for more.

Learn to whittle your message down to its core elements, and say it so a 6-year-old can understand.

It may sound like you’re “dumbing it down,” but actually you’re making it *accessible*, so people will pay attention.

Now, of course, you ALWAYS want to take your audience into consideration.

If they fling jargon around, then it’s appropriate to use their language! But ONLY if it’s language (or acronyms) that they already know.

I teach more about this, and the other KEYS to success, in my Winning Presenter Process™.

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