Virtual Curriculum Design

Virtual trainings don’t have to suck! Whether you’re onboarding customers, onboarding salespeople, onboarding new employees, or training anyone pretty much anything, if you’re doing it live and online, when your virtual trainings are more fun and engaging, participants learn better and remember more.

We can take your existing content and help make your live, virtual trainings the kind of Zoom calls people actually look forward to!

Case Study: From Customer Overwhelm to Brand Evangelist

Company X’s products were flying off the shelves, but too many new customers got overwhelmed and intimidated, and never took it out of the box.

We worked with Company X to develop a scalable, virtual instructor-led training that would help their customers fall in love with using the product, and help them grow an ever-expanding loyal base of brand ambassadors and evangelists.

The session we designed was interactive, engaging, and fun—and scalable for multiple hundreds, even thousands, of participants.

Attendance drop-off was minimal, customer feedback was great, and upper management was thrilled. So much so that they hired us back for Round 2!


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