CSW 192: Nicole Lewis-Keeber On Creating an Intentional Relationship with Your BusinessNicole Lewis-Keeber holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a licensed clinical social worker. She has combined her experience as a therapist and mindset coach to assist entrepreneurs in revealing the blocks and blind spots in their business, that have origins from their past experiences. Nicole’s articles about the impact of small-t trauma on entrepreneurship can be found on Medium and in her blog.

In this episode we talked about:

  • How she got started as a mindset coach & why she left the therapy world
  • Issues Nicole sees surrounding money mindset
  • Figuring out what to charge for your work or services
  • What it looks like to have a healthy relationship with your business & what goes into an emotional sustainability plan
  • Claiming ownership in your business
  • What small-t trauma is and how it impacts us
  • Identifying the kiddos within us and learning to partner with their gifts

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“My clients now call me a business therapist.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“It shows up as these normal, everyday business challenges but they don’t get relief from the obvious solutions.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“We judge money everywhere. We judge people who have it. We judge people who don’t have it.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“Our inner worth impacts our outer wealth.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“I think our rates and our numbers and what it means, it really does bring up a lot around that. We have to feel really good and solid with that number so that there’s ease in saying it out loud.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“There’s always going to be someone who’s going to think you should charge more and always someone who thinks you should charge less.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“We enter into a relationship when we start a business and if we don’t set an intention to have that relationship, we will default into old patterns that don’t serve us.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“You helped me see my relationship with my business in a different way.” – Melissa Dinwiddie

“We don’t drop our baggage at the door when we start a business, that stuff comes with us so we need to look at it and honor it.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“You get to decide what your business looks like. It is yours. We lose ownership of our business so quickly. It is yours.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber

“Most of us have what I call, ‘small-t trauma,’ which are those cumulative experiences that we have as a child that takes us off course from who were are.” – Nicole Lewis-Keeber


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