CSW 161: Diane Bleck Doodles for DollarsDiane Bleck is on a mission to unlock Insights, Inspiration, and Ideas for companies large and small across the globe. As an Innovation Strategist, she leads and facilitates workshops with leaders across business functions to create award winning content that inspires team to take their business to the next level. And in her spare time she has created The Doodle Institute where she is the mentor and coach for almost 4,000 students around the world teaching them how to DOODLE YOUR DREAMS.

With a background in theater performance, set design and costume design, Diane took a detour in the mid-1990s Ernst and Young was looking for creative artists to add creativity and innovation to their strategic planning department.

“I was just sharing what I drew in my journal. Then somehow, people think it’s awesome,” she says. “All I’m doing is trying to understand it myself… I’m still just a girl who loves to doodle.”

Twelve years ago, at 28, Diane was at the IAF (International Association of Facilitators) “with a booth and a freak flag,” telling people they should be doing graphic facilitating. She even built software to photograph the conference content and time stamp the conference agenda, but she was ahead of her time, and “lost her shirt” on it.

Then she got into e-learning, and how to use whiteboard animation, illustration, and infographics, to sell to big companies.

For a time Diane and her husband — who was her business partner — had the largest network in the world of graphic facilitators, with nine people on staff, and 20 people on virtual staff. Companies like ESPN, Nike, Coca-Cola, and Disney, called her previous company, AlphaChimp Studio, whenever they needed an artist at their event.

Then Diane got divorced, split the company, took the graphic facilitation network… then let go of it, and built The Doodle Institute.

Now she prefers to do graphic facilitation with small groups, working with top executives to help them map out their process step by step, rather than standing a corner doing graphic recording (being the silent partner, capturing the event with her face toward the wall).

On Infographics

Infographics are great… but if an infographic is done so polished and so slick that the regular person looks at it and they tune out because it’s too much information, it’s not a good infographic. An infographic really needs to clearly show you what is the information and provide you an opportunity to decide what to do next, or to form an opinion about the information.

Sometimes I feel dumb if I don’t understand it. Like, who’s this infographic for? Infographics are to make easy. They’re to take complex and make easy… We can have a bunch of data, but if we don’t understand the data, we can’t make a choice.

On Visual Thinking & Learning to Doodle

Visual thinking is a powerful tool for critical thinking, problem solving, and strategic planning. I don’t say it’s a powerful tool for looking cute on paper. I purposely make my drawings incredibly simple, so it feels only one step up from what you can draw at the whiteboard, and if you want to learn to draw like this, I can teach you how to look as awesome as the Doodle Girl on the whiteboard. And in most cases, you’re going to start drawing what you think of as better than me, which is awesome, because that means you’ve created your own person style. Which is what every artist wants.

On the Word “Doodles”

People often use the word “doodle” derogatorily. I started calling my daily art practice a daily doodle practice very intentionally in order to disperse the gremlins. If I think of my art as “just doodling,” then it wouldn’t be important or worthy enough for my gremlins to get their undies in a bunch. Diane has taken the opposite tack and proudly claimed the word “doodle.”

When she was in her 20s, she says, “I remember thinking I can’t wait till I’m in my 40s and someone actually respects what I do…”

She remembers being called “doodle girl” and thinking that wasn’t really the nicest term. So she decided to reclaim it.

I thought, “You know what, I’m going to use this term, and I’m going to empower myself with this term. And I’m going to actually spin this term so that when you meet me in the hall of an executive building and I’m fully dressed in my business attire and you say, ‘Who are you?’ I will say, ‘My name is Diane Bleck, I’m a visual learning expert, and if you ever have a complex idea you want to bring to life, remember to call me, I’m the Doodle Girl.'” And I leave them with the Doodle Girl. And so if they say to someone, “Where’s that doodle girl?” everyone in that building knows they’re talking about Diane Bleck.

Diane has also broken doodle down into:

  • Discovering
  • Our
  • Own
  • Divine
  • Life
  • Every day

And More!

That’s just a taste of our conversation. Listen to the episode for more goodness.


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Diane’s Doodle Summit

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