Last week I talked about the importance of connection. This week I want to talk about creativity, and I thought I’d try something different and share a little video.

Back when I was a teenager obsessed with dance, I remember somehow understanding that there was a hierarchy in the dance world. Ballet (as I understood it) was at the top, followed by modern dance, then jazz dance — Western forms performed on a proscenium stage.

Why? Well, one could no doubt write a dissertation about that, drilling into themes of Western colonialism and cultural domination. (Not to mention my own limited exposure to the myriad forms of dance around the world at that age!)

But the ultimate point is that the idea that there is a superior form of dance, a hierachy, is utterly ridiculous.

And yet we create hierarchies all the time, often without even realizing we’re doing so.

Hence this video.

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!

And tell me, have you ever put your creativity — or anything else you do — in an artificial hierarchy, without even realizing it?

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