Just this morning you used countless innovations that only exist because someone asked two little words: “What if..?”

When you ask that question, you’re in the space of curiosity, the portal to creativity.

When we follow our curiosity, we ARE creativity, and that’s the route to innovation.

• In 1948, Jonas Salk asked “What if there were a way to prevent the plague of polio from killing & crippling children?”, which led to a vaccine in 1955.

• When designing the first Macintosh computer, Steve Jobs asked “What if we incorporated beautiful typography?”

• In 1775, Alexander Cumming asked “What if there were a way to flush, but still leave some water in the bowl?”, inventing the prototype for the modern toilet

These are just 3 random examples. Look around your house and you’ll find tons more!

(“Ask ‘What if..?’” is #6 of 10 Guideposts for creative flow that I outline in my book The Creative Way™. Read the rest at http://bit.ly/CSWay)


Your turn: what’s an innovation you especially appreciate?


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