What do creativity, meditation, learning to play guitar, & building a world-class company culture all have in common?

Small daily actions.

Whatever you want to achieve—whether it’s learning to meditate, becoming more creative, learning guitar, or transforming your company culture—if you keep at it consistently, you can make it happen.

In my book, The Creative Sandbox Way™, this is Guidepost #4:

Think tiny & daily

Tiny, because when a goal is important to us, the hardest part is starting.

And when your commitment is big, it’s like trying to jump over a pole vaulting bar, without a running start and without a pole!

Make it tiny, though, and you hop right past that starting friction!

Then it’s easy to keep right on going.

Plus when you stumble—as you will, because you’re human, and life happens—it’s easier to get back on the wagon when the wagon’s really short!


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