For creativity and innovation, don’t aim directly for excellence. Instead, think QUANTITY, not quality.

Wait, what?

In the book Art & Fear, there’s a true story of a college ceramics teacher who divided his class into 2 groups at the start of the semester.

Everyone on the right side would be graded solely on quality.

They needed only 1 pot to get an A. But it had to be perfect.

Everyone on the left side would be graded solely on quantity.

50 lbs of pots would get an A; 40 lbs a B; 30 lbs a C; etc.

At the end of the semester, guess which group made the better pots and got the better grades.

The QUANTITY group!

The quality group spent the semester theorizing about perfection, & agonizing over trying to make that perfect pot!

The quantity group cranked out tons of pots and learned from their mistakes! (And had more FUN!)

As long as you’re not being sloppy, if you take care of the quantity, the quality will take care of itself.


Your turn—is there an area in your work or life where you can see yourself applying “think quantity, not quality”? Answer “yes” or “no” in the comments!


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