One of the keys to innovation is like a Zen koan. And it’s not the sound of one hand clapping—it’s this:

To get to a killer outcome, you have to LET GO of the outcome!

In my book, The Creative Sandbox Way™, I say it this way:

“Think process, not product.”

This is the 2nd of my 10 Guideposts—universal ”rules” for freeing up creativity.

Innovation depends on creativity, and creativity chokes under expectations of greatness, which is what happens when you’re too focused on outcome.

Creativity thrives in an atmosphere of curiosity, experimentation, exploration, & PLAY!

Yes, we all know the ultimate point of the experimenting & exploring is to create something great. BUT there must be plenty of dedicated time where you completely LET GO of the expectation of any outcome, and focus solely on the process.

I call this “playing in the creative sandbox.”

Whatever your end goal, giving yourself this intentional “process time” will invariably lead to a better product down the road.


Your turn—have you ever experienced LETTING GO of the outcome leading to a better result? Answer YES or NO in the comments!


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