If you want an innovative company, you need a CULTURE of CREATIVITY. Where people are free to bring their creative ideas to life.

How do you create a culture of creativity?

In my book, The Creative Sandbox Way™, I offer 10 Guideposts. (I wrote it for individuals, but it has universal application.)

Guidepost #1 is “There is no wrong.”


If everything you create has to be excellent, amazing, great, it leads to PERFECTIONIST PARALYSIS.

People simply stop taking risks!

Here’s the thing: we NEED the crap to fertilize the good stuff!?➡️?

We have to let ourselves be like little kids, exploring & playing, without concern for the outcome.

I call it “playing in the creative sandbox,” and it’s essential for innovation.

Your turn: have you ever felt paralyzed by perfectionism? Answer YES or NO in the comments!

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