Creating a Culture of Creativity

Are you frustrated that your team isn’t taking the kinds of creative risks you need them to?

Are they hesitant to speak up? Reluctant to praise others’ ideas?

A culture of creativity is one where teammates aren’t afraid to lean into uncertainty. Where they have each others’ backs, rather than stabbing them.

But how do you get such a culture?

It doesn’t happen quickly, but it is possible to create a culture of creativity.

Hint: threats or incentives won’t be much help, but play will help a lot more than you expect!

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Creating a Culture of Creativity Helps Teams & Organizations

  • Take bigger risks; speak up more
  • Lean into uncertainty
  • Have each others’ backs
  • Co-create safe spaces
  • Increase collaboration
  • Produce more and better ideas

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What We Cover


Your values — important, lasting beliefs and ideals shared by members of the culture — drive everything you do. Getting clear on what your values are is foundational, so we start here.


Once we’ve identified your core values, how are you going to operationalize them? What are the behaviors that you will do, and not do, to put your values into action?

Simple Guiding Principles

Now we define the fundamental truths that will guide you throughout all circumstances, regardless of changes in goals, strategies, or changes in management.


Building a Foundation of Trust

Increasing Curiosity

Developing Listening and Awareness

Sparking Spontaneity

Empowering Empathy

More Mindfulness

Unhooking from Perfectionism

Valuing Vulnerability

Boosting Risk Tolerance

Leveraging Leadership


Communicating for Influence and Impact

Unlocking Your Unexpected Superpower: Visual Thinking/Visual Communication

Leading Creative & Engaging Virtual Meetings

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