Communicating for Influence

Your team is smart, but if they can’t communicate their ideas, influence others, and build mutual understanding, all that brainpower is going to waste.

Time to strengthen their diplomacy muscles!

Communicating for Influence uses interactive activities to help team members know how to connect with different types of audiences, and use empathy and mutual understanding to shape their message to connect with—and influence—their audience more effectively.

Delivered over three 2-hour virtual sessions on Zoom, with a week in between sessions. This allows time between for team members to put what they learned into practice with some mini-experiments.

(Oh, and people consistently say these sessions are the most fun meetings they’ve attended all year!)

Who This is For

Initially developed for high-performance research teams at a Fortune 100 Company, Communicating for Influence is especially useful for

  • Highly matrixed organizations
  • Organizations with primarily cross-functional teams (multiple capabilities collaborate as a project team)
  • Researchers, data scientists, academics, technical types, or anyone with highly specialized expertise that can be inaccessible to colleagues (anyone who tends to use a lot of jargon in their work!)
  • Complex or highly regulated industries
  • Professionals who need to make complex or technical ideas accessible to others to influence outcomes

Communicating for Influence Helps Team Members:

  • Develop effective strategies for engaging and influencing any colleague
  • Employ research & insights storytelling for maximum engagement & impact
  • Gather & inspire a diverse group around a single idea
  • Demonstrate an understanding of different audiences & stakeholders as well as their needs & motivations
  • Apply empathy to communicate more effectively in any situation
  • Construct an impactful, audience-centered message based on mutual understanding
  • Identify a non-adversarial, constructive tone vs. an adversarial, destructive one
  • Demonstrate the ability to speak from (and hence empathize with) both sides of an issue
  • Use active listening to find productive understanding and common ground within disagreement

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Communicating for Influence brochure

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I was skeptical that a virtual “offsite” was even worth doing, certainly one that involved “play” for my team, but Melissa proved that it can work. The Communicating for Influence workshop she created for my research team was great at teaching key skills while at the same time being fun! I have already seen my team using these tools in their day to day work. Melissa was easy to work with, and knows how to design and facilitate an impactful program. I have already recommended her to my colleagues at Facebook, and will continue to do so.

Carly Rush

Research Manager, Facebook

Melissa’s “Communicating for Influence” program was an impactful, refreshing change from “typical” team education sessions. We saw deep engagement and real learning through the highly interactive and very fun activities. It’s a unique offering totally designed for this challenging video meeting age we’re in, and maximizes the possibilities of the medium. Customizing the course with Melissa was a wonderful process – she was so collaborative and focused on the results we needed.


User Research Consultant, Facebook

I am incredibly fortunate to be a part of a team of amazing researchers, I could see where small changes in perspective and communication could really help us unlock the potential of our findings. Enter Melissa!
I truly appreciated Melissa’s perspective and structure to engagement and learning. She really found an amazing intersection of art (music, visuals, embodiment) and exercises that kept things engaging and fruitful from a learning perspective. I also found the techniques helped me to unlock leadership opportunities and presented a way for me to grow with my team by example.
I would recommend Melissa for anyone looking to expand your influence, broaden the toolkit, or help to step outside of our comfort zones to explore additional perspectives.
Huge thanks Melissa—we greatly value your expertise and the engaging way you brought things to life in the virtual world we are in!
Victoria Gambardella

I wanted to personally thank you for the interactive, fun and impactful workshop you moderated for our team.
Meena Sujanani

Thanks for uplevelling our team, Melissa! It was wonderful getting to work with you.
Dr. Natalie Reiner

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