​I won’t lie, coming back to work after a week at music camp is not easy.

Even for someone like me, who actually loves my job!

But getting to focus 100% on making music for a week for the pure joy of it?

Heaven… 🤩

One of the classes I took at music camp was called “Make a Band.”

The teacher didn’t know who was going to show up, and his plan for the class included discussing all sorts of elements that go into making a successful band, from handling money, to figuring out who does the booking and who updates the website.

As it happened, the four of us who did show up (two guitar players, a mandolin player, and me on double bass and vocals) were mostly just interested in arranging and playing songs.

So every day we took a new song, and together decided how to arrange it.

This meant having to come to an agreement on the overall style, the intro, the outro… so many questions to resolve!

Does it remind you of anything?

Turns out playing in a band is a lot like working on a business team.

And guess what: everything runs more smoothly when people are communicating more effectively. 

The bands that stick together for years, putting out album after album?

You can bet the communication is rock solid. (Pun intended. 😉)

People feel safe to share their ideas, without fear of being shamed or dismissed.

People aren’t afraid to critique group output, in pursuit of excellence.

And they understand HOW to do it in a way that feels welcoming and encouraging.

When the communication is working well, a team of people can (quite literally) make beautiful music together.

Just keep in mind, as the Make a Band teacher repeated frequently, a successful performance is the intersection of what you WANT to do (which you may or may not be capable of!), what you SHOULD do (some things just work better than others), and what you CAN do (hey, we all have strengths and skills, and lacks thereof!)

If you’re ready to increase the range of what your team CAN do, communication-wise, to boost their impact, I’m here to help.

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