Are you hemorrhaging time, energy and money due to lack of, or poor boundaries?

If you said yes to any one of these, clear boundaries are the answer.

That’s your own inner monologue telling you “Stop giving away your precious energy to people and places who don’t care or have your best interest at heart.” Yes, you can do that, and still be helpful, be professional, nurture relationships and remain in integrity with, and choose, yourself.

It’s not about keeping people out like a giant ‘GO HOME’ sign! Boundaries are there to protect your energy, your time, your money. That’s not selfish; that’s being intentional with your limited resources.

So much of our identity — especially for women — is wrapped up in being thought of as “helpful” or “nice.” Too often, we’re made to feel that setting boundaries means we’re being unreasonable, demanding or unhelpful. This idea is false. Using boundaries to manage our personal resources allows us to give more to the world around us, without burning out.

Learning to set healthy boundaries can improve your life significantly, and it doesn’t have to be scary.

Our Pilot Promise

That’s exactly the focus of this new pilot program designed by Kathy Klotz-Guest and Melissa Dinwiddie, friends, improvisers and business owners, who have built 6-figure businesses because they’ve learned the hard way exactly how important it is to set boundaries. We want to make this process less scary and way more fun.

In this 3-session, experiential-learning PILOT, designed for high-achieving professional women, you’ll learn new skills, methods and mindsets to help you:

  • Stop hemorrhaging time, energy and money due to poor boundaries
  • Recognize when you need boundaries before burnout happens
  • Develop your healthy boundary-mindset and how to align that with your goals
  • Learn scripts and ways to say no when everyone is expecting you to say yes… and still like yourself when you say it
  • Uncover time-management techniques, tools – even brain hacks – to put yourself first in your calendar
  • Discover ways to delegate, let go and prioritize to save time and headaches

This pilot will involve activities guided in a safe environment. You’ll laugh and learn together with like-minded women. 


We’re looking for 12 amazing professional women who can take this journey together and with us. You’ll pay a one-time only discounted price for great information and provide feedback for us to shape the course for the future.

WHEN: MAY 2022

DAYS: 4, 11, 18

TIME: 4-6pm PST

INVESTMENT: special pilot price (one-time only) of $1200

MAX SIZE: 12 people

Ready to join us? We’re putting together a group of up to 12 phenomenal women.

Fill out the application below and we’ll be in touch within 72 hours!


Who is this course for?

For professional women in business and in companies. 

Can men come?

Yes, guys, we know you need it too, and down the road, we’ll open it up for more folks. This pilot is for women to take this journey with like-minded women.

Will I have a chance to put the information to use in between sessions and practice?

Absolutely. That’s why we are doing this over 3 weeks – so you have time and opportunity to practice some of these new ideas. And you’ll have people you can reach out to with questions.

Will the course include exercises we can use?

This course is experiential. We are here to support you and you’ll try activities and exercises to work your boundary-setting muscles in fun, new ways. There are also a few opportunities to role-play (volunteers, not mandatory!).

Will this be offered again?

Yes, this course will be offered again and we’re excited about it. This is a pilot and your feedback will help us refine it. The course will also change and so will the price.

Will it be recorded?

This course will not be recorded. We do want people to have a safe and inclusive experience and to try new things without being recorded.

What is your refund policy?

We understand life happens. Full refunds will be available up to 3 days before the course. 

Partial refunds will be available — ⅔  of the full amount — after the first session and up to 3 days before the 2nd session. After that, no refunds will be issued.

Who We Are

A former Silicon Valley tech marketing executive and trained improviser / stand-up comedian, Kathy Klotz-Guest, MA, MBA combines her business and comedy backgrounds to transform how progressive, creative leaders and teams – especially women –  step up, show up and speak up more powerfully, playfully, and productively. Improv and comedy techniques help us adapt, communicate and connect to increase our visibility and impact. Trained at ComedySportz and at LA’s Second City, she has been featured in Forbes and The Huffington named her book, “Stop Boring Me!” a CEO must-read. She is the founder of Keeping it Human, Inc. Kathy has degrees from Stanford and UC Berkeley. Her 13 year-old doesn’t laugh at her jokes anymore; audiences still do.

A former professional artist and trained improviser and jazz singer, Melissa Dinwiddie works with innovative, people-first companies to infuse connection, joy and delight into virtual trainings and events. From custom-designed offsites, to trainings on how to lead Amazing Effective Meetings, she’s known for designing creative, interactive, playful experiences that attendees rave about because they acquire new skills and behaviors and build connections while having a blast. An acclaimed creativity instigator, Melissa is the author of The Creative Sandbox Way™: Your Path to a Full-Color Life, an interactive playbook that countless readers have sworn freed them from creative block virtually overnight. She is the founder of Creative Sandbox Solutions™, and has degrees from UC Berkeley and the University of Birmingham, England.