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This is where I share studio notes and thoughts from behind the scenes here at Creative Sandbox Solutions™ HQ. I’m all about process here, and I’m transparent about mine, so you can learn from both my wins and my mistakes.

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What Training Cats Has to Do With Engaging Virtual Meetings

A Scalable, Live Onboarding Solution

“We’re failing our customers,” Francesca said.

“Our products are flying off the shelves, but there’s so much information about how to use them — on our site, and all over the web — and people just get overwhelmed. So they give up before they even start.”

Thankfully for the company, they had Francesca.

She’d been following me on LinkedIn for awhile, and had the vision to see how creative, playful, virtual instructor-led trainings for new buyers could plug the leak, while also helping the company stand out — both from industry competitors, and from the cottage industry of teachers who make their livings teaching how to use the products on YouTube!
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Don’t Leave Relatedness to Chance

Don’t Leave Relatedness to Chance

Imagine it’s the end of your virtual summit.

After all the time and effort you put into planning, everything has gone amazingly well.

What would that be like? What are people saying and doing now that the event is wrapping up?

Maybe, like a recent client of mine — a manager in a Fortune 100 company, who I worked with on a virtual summit for over 200 managers — you get to the end of the event, and everyone has smiles on their faces, and the chat is flooded with messages saying, “Thank you for making this fun!”
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Creating Stand-Out Large-Scale Virtual Events

Creating Stand-Out Large-Scale Virtual Events

“There’s room for growth here,” said Jack, “which is why we’re doing this summit.”

Over 200 managers.

All really good technical leaders… with room for growth on the human side of managing people.

So the org — part of a Fortune 100 social media company you know well — decided to organize a half-day virtual summit to give participants an opportunity to gather and learn from each other.

This is where I came in.
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It’s Not the Activity that Matters

It’s Not the Activity that Matters

“This isn’t resonating for me,” T said.

We were part way through an exercise I’d devised specifically for this group — a team of devoted staff members on at a mid-size nonprofit organization.

After two years of working 100% remotely, half the team had never met in-person, and the whole team had never been in the same room together.

The Executive Director had done a stellar job building community virtually, but decided it was time to bring everyone together for a day of in-person bonding.*

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A Great Virtual Activity for Getting Over Fear of Risk

A Great Virtual Activity for Getting Over Fear of Risk

Before I started my consultancy, I was a professional creativity instigator.

In other words, I helped people get creatively unstuck.

I know what it’s like to be paralyzed by perfectionism, silenced by those inner critic “gremlin” voices that tell you “you’ll never be good enough, so why bother trying?”

I let those gremlins drive the bus for way too long in my own life, and I can’t stand seeing other people suffer the way I did!

One of the things that helped me unhook from perfectionism was moving away from the kind of work I used to do as an artist (very meticulous, heavily designed, detail-oriented, pre-planned), and instead working improvisationally.
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