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Why Content is NOT King

Why Content is NOT King

At the end of last Thursday’s , I asked everyone what their #1 top takeaway from our time together was, and here’s a sampling of what people said:

“The importance of interspersing content with connection activities.”

“The concept of being intentional about wide and or deep connections…”

“There are fresh ways to connect people that are more meaningful” read more…

185 high schoolers walk into a bar… (and the Learning Lab is OPEN!)

185 high schoolers walk into a bar… (and the Learning Lab is OPEN!)

What did you learn in high school?

I remember studying for a European History test, and making up songs while dancing around the room to help me remember all the dates I knew might be on the test.

Battles, treaties, assassinations…

I did well on the test, but I couldn’t tell you one of those dates today.

​So did I learn European History? It’s read more…

Are you making these 7 mistakes?

Are you making these 7 mistakes?

Back when the shut-down started, in March of 2020 (egad, we’re coming up on a year and a half ago..!) who could have foreseen that so many businesses would be forced to go remote for so long?

I noticed pretty early on that a lot of people were really struggling with awful Zoom meetings.

I realized read more…

“A Virtual Learning Lab?” Why Yes!

“A Virtual Learning Lab?” Why Yes!

I must confess, a week at the beach was lovely. Especially so because my brother, sister-in-law and nephew joined us (“us” being my parents, my husband and me).

My brother’s family moved to London, England two years ago, so having the whole family together is even more rare these days than when we siblings lived on opposite coasts of the US!

We saw a pod of dolphins, just past the breakers.

We took a steam train up into read more…

Who Goes First on Zoom?

Who Goes First on Zoom?

Have you ever landed in a breakout room and wondered, “Hmm… who’s supposed to go first?”

Sometimes it seems like we spend so much time deciding whose turn it is, that there’s barely any time left to do the actual assignment!

It’s a problem…

But it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is simply offer people a speaking order before sending them off into breakout rooms.

Since one of my primary values is fun and playfulness, I like to try to make the speaking order a little different than just “alphabetical order.”

For example, why not read more…

4 Tips for Creating Spontaneity on Zoom

4 Tips for Creating Spontaneity on Zoom

I was talking with a group of colleagues the other day about all the things we miss about in-person events.

  • Hugs.
  • Sharing meals together.
  • Feeling the energy of the room, as a performer or speaker onstage—those audience sounds of laughter, applause, the sudden intake of breath…
  • Spontaneous interactions—being able to turn to the person sitting next to you to share an insight, and “hallway moments” walking from one session to the next.​

Let’s face it, we can’t do hugs on Zoom.

We can, however, read more…

Is it even possible to connect virtually? 

Is it even possible to connect virtually? 

“We’ve been offsite for so long now, most of us have never even met each other in-person,” said Tom.

He was sharing his experiences with virtual trainings and events with me, and he confessed that as he’s looking around for a new job, now that so many companies are all remote, he’s not finding it very motivating.

“How are people going to collaborate together and not feel isolated?” he wondered aloud.

It’s a valid question.

But the truth is, I’ve had read more…

Planting a Flag In the Ground

Planting a Flag In the Ground

That image above is my brand-new newsletter header — a change from my previous header, which showed me presenting at a flip chart at the front of the room in an in-person workshop.

After a lot of soul-searching, I’ve decided to plant a flag in the ground and declare myself a virtual experience designer.

Why now, you may ask, just as the world is starting to open up again?

Well, here’s the thing: at the read more…

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