Art & Music

What do artists and musicians have that businesses need? 

An ability to lean into uncertainty over and over again to create something out of nothing. 

Whether working alone (as the typical visual artist does) or in an ensemble (like a jazz musician), creatives have to overcome fear and self-doubt, learn self-management techniques and an abundance of self-control, all while continually discovering creative wellsprings in order to keep going.

These sound a lot like leadership skills to me.

With my own background as a professional artist/calligrapher and performing jazz singer/songwriter, I can teach these skills to your team, using activities drawn from the worlds of art and music.

But don’t worry, nobody on your team needs to know how to draw, sing, or play an instrument!

In fact, kindergarten (or pre-K) level skills preferred. (Though if you have any artists or musicians in your group, never fear, they’ll do just fine. ;))

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