Back when the shut-down started, in March of 2020 (egad, we’re coming up on a year and a half ago..!) who could have foreseen that so many businesses would be forced to go remote for so long?

I noticed pretty early on that a lot of people were really struggling with awful Zoom meetings.

I realized this was something I could help with, so I started offering workshops to teach people simple methods for making virtual meetings more engaging and fun.

“Non-Boring Virtual Meetings”

Looking back, I wish I’d come up with a better name, but I needed something quick, and Non-Boring Virtual Meetings is what I came up with. It was certainly descriptive, if nothing else! 😉

With everything that’s gone on in those intervening months, it feels like it’s been a lifetime between then and now. (Time is funny that way…)

I’ve gone on to develop and facilitate virtual offsites for really big organizations like Facebook and Providence healthcare, and I’ve designed entire virtual instructor-led training programs and trained staff to run them.

In general, it seems like people have gotten a lot more comfortable with the technical aspects of Zoom. Which is not surprising, since the more you do something, the more “normal” it becomes.

That said, I’ve identified 7 mistakes that companies make over and over again when putting together virtual trainings and events.

ANYTHING virtual, really.

Because these 7 mistakes are so prevalent, I thought it would be helpful to put together a guide that points them out, along with their solutions.

It’s my new freebie, and you can get it right here.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


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