Visual Bios

Anna Goldsworthy's visual bioYou need to differentiate yourself, stand out from the crowd. 

You need to tell your story, and you need to grab their interest quickly, because nobody’s attention span is longer than 3 seconds these days. 

That’s where a Visual Bio comes in. 

It’s a deep resume analysis + coaching session + hand-crafted marketing tool, all in one.

Visuals grab people’s attention like nothing else. They pull people in, make them want to learn more about you. 

And my hand-drawn visuals humanize you in a way that digital graphics never can. 

Plus we start with a Visual Discovery session: a 2-hour deep-dive interview, to mine for insights and capture all the rich details of your life and career history, while I take visual notes the entire time. (As a neutral outsider, I can identify stories that YOU probably think are old hat, but your ideal clients and customers will deeply resonate with.)

Then, using the visual notes, combined with a resume analysis, I connect the dots to type up a brief: a bullet list of the highlights, which I then use my creative magic to transform into your Visual Bio

Options include:

  • Web package (graphics for your website, social media, etc.)
  • Web & Print package (web graphics, plus print-ready version — see example below)
  • Web, Print & “Whiteboard” animation video (all of the above, plus video!)

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