“What with all the layoffs last year,” he said, “and the changes coming down the pipe, we really need people to be more adaptable.”

I was on a Zoom call with the Director of Global Brand Strategy for a Fortune 100 company.

My contact had initially reached out to me because he was interested in having me run a short LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session during an offsite for their team of 60.

But when he mentioned focusing on adaptability, I pulled back the reins.

“Whoa,” I said, “helping teams become more adaptable is absolutely in my wheelhouse, in fact, I eat problems like this for breakfast.”


Not in a one-hour LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session at an offsite.

Adaptability is a skill, and a set of behaviors. You might be able to have some insights about it in the course of an hour, but if you want the ability:

✅ To roll with the punches

✅ To think on your feet

✅ To act quickly and creatively

✅ To lean into uncertainty

✅ To be more spontaneous

In other words, to be more adaptable (spontaneous, creative, flexible, confident, etc.)…

That takes time.

And the best tool on the planet to help develop all of these skills (and more) is improv.

Building those skills and behaviors is a lot like building muscles at a gym.

(In fact, a colleague of mine, Kat Koppett, refers to improv as “the gym for life.”)

You wouldn’t expect to go to a gym one time, lift some weights, and emerge an Olympic-level athlete.

Even merely human-level strength or fitness goals require consistent effort over time.

In the same way, your team can become more adaptable, but it requires consistent effort over time. (Though that doesn’t mean the effort can’t be fun!)

When I explained all this to my contact, he immediately understood. “That sounds like something we should do with the leadership team,” he said, “but after the offsite…”

First we’re focusing on another theme for the offsite.

Not all challenges can be solved in an hour, or even in a day.

If you’re looking to transform your team, or how teams engage with each other, so that your organization can stop bleeding time and resources, and losing people and money, and you’re ready to invest the time for that transformation, I’d love to help.

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