About Creative Sandbox Solutions™

Your people are smart. You’re proud of what you sell. But something’s missing…

You know it could be so much better. 

Employees aren’t engaging. They don’t have each other’s backs. The safety isn’t there, which means the creativity isn’t there.

Creativity drives innovation, and you know you need to innovate to stay competitive. 💡

But creativity doesn’t just spring from nothing, like Athena from the head of Zeus.

(Well, it does in very young children, but not in organizations run by adults.)

For most of us, all our years of schooling and training to succeed as adults has put a damper on our natural creativity. It’s actually made us less creative!

It takes mindful effort over time to learn how to access our native abilities again (or really, to unlearn how to be un-creative).

That’s where Creative Sandbox Solutions™ comes in. 

We’re creativity experts. 

We know what it’s like to push up against creative roadblocks, and we know what it’s like to blast through them (heck, our CEO wrote the book about it!) 

We love helping teams and organizations blast through creative roadblocks and build sustainable Cultures of Creativity, so your impact matches your smarts. 

Ready for your impact to match your smarts? Choose your own adventure!

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What’s with the Sandbox?

Like many people, our founder, Melissa Dinwiddie, spend her young adulthood believing she was not creative. Art, music — those were for other people.

But then in her late 20s, she started doing arts and crafts as a way to procrastinate. One thing led to another, and before she knew it she was in business as an artist and calligrapher.

Making a living from art (in expensive Silicon Valley, no less) increased her creative confidence, but it also led to burnout. Art became just a job, and unless she was creating for a client, Melissa was deeply mired in creative block, never doing the kind of joyful, carefree exploration that got her into art in the first place.

She was a professional artist, living a profoundly un-creative life, and pretty miserable.

So after many years of this stuckness, Melissa finally figured out how to blast through the roadblocks.

The secret? Play!

What her creative spirit needed, she realized, was to be like a little kid in a sandbox: exploring, making messes, unconcerned with the outcome.

The metaphor of the creative sandbox was born.

For several years Melissa helped other stuck creatives regain access to their creativity. She blogged, taught courses, ran retreats, hosted a podcast, and wrote a book expanding on how to live the Creative Sandbox Way™.

When she turned her focus to helping teams and organizations blast through creative roadblocks and build cultures of creativity, Creative Sandbox Solutions™ was the obvious choice.

If you’ve got creative roadblocks, we’d love to help you blast through them.

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