Your company’s grown past the “move fast and break things” stage. You’re stable now, which is great, but…

In order to compete you need to be as innovative today as you were at the start, and that means unleashing creativity at every level.

That’s where I come in.

How I Help You

I’m Melissa Dinwiddie—innovation strategist, facilitator, dot-connector, creativity instigator, creativity enabler.

My superpower is catalyzing creativity, whether you believe you’re creative or not.

My expertise lies in helping you push to the fearlessness side of things to unleash innovative ideas all throughout your company.

I custom-design and facilitate transformative workshops and offsites for your specific needs, all using play-based and visual methods.

Vision workshop with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in the San Francisco Bay AreaUsing LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, I help your team “think with their hands,” getting their ideas out on the table in 3D.

And as a visual practitioner, I use graphic recording and graphic facilitation to get their ideas up on the wall in graphic form, so you can see the big picture, themes, AND gaps.

With applied improvisation, I use activities from the world of improv that deliver memorable insights.

Whether in a half-day workshop, a multi-day offsite, or anything in-between, my methods are fun and engaging, and people feel heard and respected while activating both left and right sides of the brain.

“Play is not the opposite of work. When it’s used strategically, play is how we make work more effective.”

-Melissa Dinwiddie

A visual bio of Melissa Dinwiddie

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, I’m steeped in a culture of innovation and disruption.

As a professional artist and calligrapher for 15 years, with a background in dance (Juilliard-trained) and music (semi-professional jazz singer), I bring a creative outsider’s perspective to your corporate setting, and now channel my art background into graphic facilitation.

I’ve studied and performed improv since 2013. The skills that allow a team of improvisors to make up scenes onstage for a paying audience are the same skills that make a high-functioning corporate team, and I can teach them to your team: collaboration, communication, and leaning into uncertainty in high stakes contexts.

I’m a multiply-certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and materials:

✔️Teams & Groups

✔️Advanced Strategy

✔️Advanced Creative Conflict Management

✔️Advanced Strategic Storytelling

✔️Agile Project Teams In Motion

As an online business owner since 2010, I’ve developed the skills to deliver online sessions for your distributed, virtual, or hybrid teams. (Ask me about Prelude, a suite of tools designed to accelerate team trust and improve performance in just a few short hours.)

Before starting Creative Sandbox Solutions™, I earned my Masters of Social Science in Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham, England, and built a successful business as a freelance artist and calligrapher. My own experience with creative block led me to build another business, Living A Creative Life, helping people get creatively unstuck, via online courses, a membership community, and in-person workshops and retreats.

Speaking at the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association National ConferenceMy front-of-room experience ranges from traveling the country teaching calligraphy, to speaking on stages from Connecticut to a packed house in Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, to performing as a singer for audiences as big as 6,500.

I’m the author of The Creative Sandbox Way™: Your Path to a Full-Color Life, and host of The Creative Sandbox Way™ podcast. I live with my husband in Silicon Valley and spend my free time doodling, playing ukulele, or chasing kitty fluffs that have fallen off my Siberian cat, Nika.


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