Virtual, in-person, or hybrid, it doesn’t matter! As Peter Block says, without relatedness, no work can occur.

Without rapport, you’re not going to make that sale.

You might think you’re meeting to communicate data, but in fact, the real purpose of a meeting is CONNECTION!

Say it with me:

Connection before content.

That’s why my Communicating for Influence program, and my Winning Presenter Process™ are both built on a foundation of understanding and connecting with your audience.

Connection always has to come first.

If you’d like more creative, engaging client presentations that win business faster, send me a message and let’s hop on a 10-minute Clarity Call to discuss if and how I can help.

To get my freebie, the Winning Presenter’s Pre-Meeting Checklist, the exact checklist I use before every client call, virtual workshop, or interview, click here.


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