It all started a year ago, and what a ride it’s been!

As with any relationship or team, it started with Trust — the foundation upon which everything else is built.

Of course, teams also need Listening & Awareness.

Improv troupes are known to be great models of high-performing teams because improvisers have to be incredibly good at listening and awareness!

So that was the focus for September.

In October, we shifted to a skill that humans are wired to resonate with, but most of us could improve on our delivery of: Storytelling.

In every good story, the protagonist faces some kind of challenge, and each of us is the protagonist in our own stories, so in November the theme was Overcoming Obstacles.

Which led quite nicely into December’s theme of Goals (just in time for the New Year).

In January we shifted back to the foundational topic of Communication, specifically focusing on Audience Empathy.

Why? Because in order to communicate for maximum impact and influence, you must understand and empathize with your audience.

February was all about Creativity & Risk (so important for any organization that deals with innovation!)

How can we strengthen that risk-taking muscle, in order to become more creative?

Intimately related to creativity is the topic of Failure — How do we deal with the fear of failure? How do we deal with mistakes? How do we keep perfectionism from bringing us to a screeching halt?

This was our theme for March.

We turned inward in April to focus on Mindfulness (though in an embodied way!)

The more we can operate from present time, the more options we have.

(I also moved from Zoom to Butter — notice the different virtual room!)

And we revisited Listening (so important!) with a whole new set of exercises in May.

June was all about Spontaneity.

And after a break in July, here we are back in August! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already.

The final monthly Learning Lab is this Thursday, from 11am-12pm PDT. The theme will be Curiosity.

If you’re curious to try these Labs for yourself, now’s your chance. Registration closes at noon on Wednesday.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s some feedback from attendees:

“It was engaging and full of new ideas for Zoom.”
“It is a creativity boost.”
“It was fun, it was enjoyable and most of all, it was far more effective than any regular meeting. Even the best regular meetings become boring when compared to this workshop.”
“I absolutely recommend your workshops: Fun, engaging, easy-to-use, practical, and more…”
“It was fun and informative. I was supposed to leave early for a noon meeting with my day job, but I didn’t want to disengage from this meeting to attend the other. I just ended up being late to the other one.”



If you’d like to experience some brain-friendly exercises that activate learning while building connection, come to my next (AND LAST!) monthly Non-Boring Virtual Meetings Learning Lab.

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