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The Creative Sandbox Way™ Podcast with Melissa DinwiddieHost Melissa Dinwiddie helps professionals connect the dots between creativity, play, and work so you can be more productive and innovative, improve the bottom line, and be a better leader in all areas of life and work.

You’ll hear the stories of people who make creativity and play an everyday part of how they do business. Plus, you’ll hear expert insight from cutting-edge researchers, thinkers, and authors studying the impacts of play and creativity in today’s workplace.

The goal is to show you not only how play and creativity can help you get ahead—but why it’s an essential tool in your kit.

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CSW Podcast 162: Show Me the **** Picture

CSW 162: Show Me the **** PictureI felt like such an idiot.

I was supposed to be on my way to San Francisco, for Creative Sunday Lab — a half-day creativity retreat hosted by Jenni Heffernan Brown of The Type A Creative, sort of like the day-camp version of my Create & Incubate Retreat, where creatives could gather in a beautiful office space to write, or draw, or make music, or do whatever kind of creating they wanted, in the company of others for a few hours.

But I’d recently taken delivery of a brand-new (to me — actually, a used) Da-Lite D305 flip chart easel, and because it was used it didn’t come with a user manual, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to fold the darn thing up!

I’d already spent at least ten minutes trying to figure it out on my own — I mean, how hard could it be, right? I’m an intelligent person. I inherited my dad’s engineering brain.

But I couldn’t figure it out!

So finally I read more…

CSW Podcast 161: Diane Bleck Doodles for Dollars

CSW 161: Diane Bleck Doodles for DollarsDiane Bleck is on a mission to unlock Insights, Inspiration, and Ideas for companies large and small across the globe. As an Innovation Strategist, she leads and facilitates workshops with leaders across business functions to create award winning content that inspires team to take their business to the next level. And in her spare time she has created The Doodle Institute where she is the mentor and coach for almost 4,000 students around the world teaching them how to DOODLE YOUR DREAMS.

With a background in read more…

CSW Podcast 160: Brainstorm Better with the Question Burst

CSW 160: Brainstorm Better with the Question BurstI have to confess I subscribe to Harvard Business Review more out of a sense of obligation than anything else (I run a B2B business, so I really should read HBR).

Hey, I’m a creative. The hardcore “businessy” articles honestly bore the bejeezus out of me, but some of the articles are about the human side of business, and those are the ones that perk up my ears, because that’s what fascinates me.

After all, I run a consultancy that exists specifically to help companies with this stuff: human interaction stuff, “soft skills,” communication, alignment, values, and how read more…

CSW Podcast 159: Turning Envy Into Inspiration with Amber Rae

Visual Shownotes™ for CSW 159: Turning Envy Into Inspiration with Amber Rae

CSW 159: Turning Envy Into Inspiration with Amber RaeAmber Rae said she “literally had goosebumps about twenty times” over the course of our conversation.

“Something was moving through me, so I feel really grateful,” she said. “Thank you for your reflections, they meant so much.”

I was glad to hear it, because I started things off with Amber by confessing that the email pitching her to be on the podcast triggered ALL OF MY ENVY MONSTERS!

After all, here she is, young, beautiful, with an enormous platform (I’m talking 36,900 Instagram followers, as of this writing)

So we started by diving right in and discussing envy. read more…

CSW Podcast 158: What Are Your One-Pound Weights?

CSW 158: What Are Your One-Pound Weights?In January I finally realized that my painful, stiff right shoulder was not getting better, even with all the massage, all the stretching…

I just finally woke up and realized that it had been months, and my shoulder was not getting better.

So I made an appointment with my doctor, who prescribed physical therapy. And for the first several weeks, all I did was a few stretching exercises. Three different moving stretches — “motion is lotion” is the mantra that my physical therapist, Cindy, said as she showed me how to move my arm to stretch my ridiculous stiff shoulder joint, after she worked her manipulation magic.

And I was dedicated. I did my stretching homework daily.

But when read more…

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